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Corporate Gifting: Argh! Time For That Cheap Branded Thermos — Why This Trend Needs To Stop

December is great for three things; End-of-the-year staff parties, a long break from a year of hard work, and, of course, Corporate Christmas gifts!

Corporate gifting goes a long way in generating favorable brand awareness and engaging with stakeholders.

However, cutting corners in corporate gifting often leads to the purchasing of cheap gifts that leave a negative impression on recipients.

75% of thermal flasks on the market, for example, are completely ineffective. Save for causing first-degree burns or cooling your coffee faster than you can say Amen. Let’s not even get started on those Magic cups!  

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing inherently wrong with a thermos. In fact, a good quality thermos can be a lifesaver during the winter months.

According to a 2019 Ad Specialty Institute survey, only 21% of corporate gifts are kept by the recipient. A bigger amount (23%) is thrown away, contributing to the growing worldwide landfill waste crisis. The remainder is given away.

Receiving low-quality gifts might add to employees’ overall perceptions about whether their presence is valued by the organization.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to make an impression, especially with corporate gifts for employees. You may frequently obtain a better outcome with your present gift budget by spending wiser with a little direction on smart, sustainable corporate gifting.

Here’s a guide to responsible corporate gifting.

1. Quality over Cost in Corporate gifting:

Instead of focusing solely on the price tag, prioritize the quality and usefulness of the gift. A well-thought-out and practical gift, such as a digital gift voucher like GiftPesa, can be highly appreciated.

And besides, No need to step out – a phone, whether smart or featured, is all you need to quickly obtain a Giftpesa e-voucher.

2. Brand Image

Corporate gifts are a reflection of your company’s brand image. If the gift appears to be of low quality or lacks thought, it might inadvertently convey a negative message about your business.

Let’s face it – those cheap branded thermoses are a dime a dozen. They’re usually made of low-quality materials that don’t keep drinks hot or cold for very long. And once the branding wears off, they’re just another forgettable item in the back of a cupboard.

3. Personalization

Adding a personal touch to a lower-cost gift can enhance its perceived value. Consider personalizing items or including a handwritten note to show that you’ve put thought into the gift.     

What if you use the digital gifting platform Giftpesa this Christmas? With Giftpesa, you can personalize the sent vouchers with a heartfelt message for your loved ones.

4. Relevance to the Recipient

A cost-effective gift that aligns with the interests or needs of the recipient can be more meaningful than a more expensive but generic item. Consider the preferences and lifestyle of the person receiving the gift.

But choosing a digital gifting service (like GiftPesa..) will give your employee the right to go for his favorite perfume brand, including eateries and restaurants, fuel stations, clothing stores, spas, supermarkets, and others.

You don’t have to worry about receiving the same cheap branded thermos as everyone else when you use Giftpesa.

5. Branding and Presentation

The way a gift is presented can significantly impact its perceived value. Investing in attractive packaging and including your company logo or branding can elevate the overall impression.

So, next time you’re tempted to buy that cheap branded thermos, remember that there’s another option – digital vouchers. They’re the perfect way to give a thoughtful, personalized gift that your recipient will truly appreciate. And with platforms like Giftpesa, purchasing and sending digital vouchers has never been easier. So, why not give it a try and break the cycle of uninspired gifting?

Employee Engagement
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How to Build Employees’ Resilience Through Employee Engagement

Employee resilience , what is it?

Have you ever noticed how some of your employees manage challenging situations with ease while others find it difficult to keep up? Well, the secret behind their resilience might be simpler than you think. Employees are better able to endure change, uncertainty, and adversity when they are engaged and feel appreciated.

We will discuss how to encourage employee engagement within your firm as well as the role that it plays in fostering resilience.

Understanding Resilience in Employee

We have all seen some people power through tough times and come out even stronger on the other side. Now, that is resilience in action. 

Their ability to bounce back. And in the corporate world, resilience is a crucial trait for employees to possess.

Resilient workers stand out when times are rough. They are hardworking individuals who successfully balance their well-being and productivity to keep the business running smoothly. Maintaining this level of productivity, though, can be challenging. Because unforeseen issues can occasionally occur and affect a worker’s performance. 

Employee engagement is the baseline on which resilience is built. When employees are engaged, they’re more likely to be adaptable, persistent, and driven – even when economic conditions get rocky. 

They stay motivated, and committed, and continue to work towards their organization’s objectives, even in tough times. That’s why corporations are starting to place a greater emphasis on employee engagement as a way to foster resilience. 

They’re exploring new and creative strategies and tools to help keep their employees engaged, setting the stage for a more resilient workforce.

Giftpesa: A Digital Gifting Company Leading the Way

One such innovative solution that is gaining popularity among corporations is gifting. 

Giftpesa provides a platform that allows organizations to reward, appreciate, and engage their employees with a seamless digital gifting experience. 

The digital gifting model is uniquely positioned to enhance employee engagement and foster resilience, especially during tough economic times.

Here’s how Giftpesa is making a difference in this context:

Variety of choices: Giftpesa offers a vast selection of gifts, from foodstuff to

experiences, making it easy for companies to provide corporate gifts hassle-free.

Customization: The digital gifting platform enables companies to customize rewards and

recognition programs. Personalization ensures that employees feel valued and


Instant disbursement: The platform allows employers to provide rewards in a click.

Cost-Effective Rewards: Digital gifting is a cost-effective way to reward employees

without straining the company’s budget. It allows corporations to demonstrate their appreciation even during tough financial times, which can be a morale booster for employees.

The Role of Employee Engagement in Building Employee Resilience

Employees are more likely to exhibit resilience in the following ways when they feel connected, supported, and valued:

1. Emotional Support: Everyone (Atleast) needs a shoulder to lean on, and more often, employees seek this shoulder outside the office. However, engaged employees are most likely to seek emotional support from their colleagues and superiors.

2. Sense of Purpose: We often compare companies to families. If I’m not mistaken, this indicates that we are members of this wonderful family. Right? Employees are therefore more likely to feel strongly motivated to work hard when they realize how crucial and impactful their activities are to the business.

3. Continuous Learning and Adaptability: Employees who are engaged are more willing to learn from new experiences and adjust to them. They view obstacles as chances for growth.

4. High Job Satisfaction: When employees are satisfied and happy with their work, they stay loyal to their employers despite economic uncertainty.

5. Improved Well-being: Employees who receive good treatment at work have better emotional and physical health.

Effective leaders can make a significant impact on how employees navigate through economic hardships. Here’s how leaders can contribute to this process:

The Vital Role of Managers in building employee resilience

 1. Communication:

Transparent, honest, and regular communication from HRs and Managers is essential. Employees need to understand the organization’s financial situation, plans, and how their roles fit into the bigger picture. Open communication fosters trust, reduces uncertainty, and empowers employees to face adversity.

2. Recognition and Appreciation:

Managers should acknowledge employees’ efforts and accomplishments, even small ones, and reward them when possible. Recognition is a powerful tool to enhance engagement and motivation.

3. Supportive Management:

Human resources and managers must be empathetic and approachable. They should actively listen to employees, provide support, and help them access resources for managing stress and uncertainty.

4. Empowerment:

Empowering employees to make decisions and take ownership of their work can boost their confidence and resilience. It helps them feel in control even when the external environment is unpredictable.

5. Training and Development:

Offering opportunities for skill development and career growth, even during challenging economic periods, can demonstrate a commitment to employees’ long-term success.


Employee engagement is crucial in ensuring that your staff has the emotional support, a sense of purpose, constant learning, high job satisfaction, and enhanced well-being that they need to be resilient in the face of any challenges that come their way

With the festive season around the corner, implementing a digital gifting program through Giftpesa, is undoubtedly one of the most efficient and cheapest ways to build your employees’ resilience

Cake to celebrate Giftpesa's 5th anniversary
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Giftpesa’s 5th Anniversary of revolutionizing gifting in Kenya

Can you believe that Giftpesa has been around for five whole years? It’s pretty amazing how fast everything is changing these days. Think about it, technology is everywhere, and everyone wants things to be as easy and convenient as possible. 

Giftpesa has however succeeded in building a position for themselves in the digital gift sector, marking their 5th anniversary and developing a reputation for excellence.

Join us as we take you on a historical tour of Giftpesa, looking at both the company’s past successes and its future prospects. It’s sure to be an interesting ride!.

The Genesis of GiftPesa

Five years ago, Giftpesa was founded with a vision to redefine the way people give and receive gifts. Of which, the journey since then has been one of innovation, commitment, and relentless dedication to quality. 

Picture this,

Have you ever struggled to find the perfect gift for someone? Well, that’s exactly what the founder of Giftpesa, Pamela Muriuki, experienced. Then, she realized there had to be a better way to offer presents —something personalized, meaningful, and easy to share.

And so, in 2018, Giftpesa was born. Little did they know that their idea would revolutionize the art of giving gifts. Yes, it’s incredible to consider how one concept can have such a significant effect.

From its humble beginnings in a small office space, Giftpesa started to take shape. The team, although small, was passionate and driven, working tirelessly to bring their vision to life. 


Today, they stand as a shining example of corporate success. The company has accomplished multiple milestones and made important contributions to the fintech industry from its initial concept to the fully developed platform we see today. 

celebrating Giftpesa accomplishments
Danial Njiu, the chief product officer, poses for a picture at the connected summit 2022, which was hosted by the ICT Authority of Kenya, after collecting the innovation award in fintech category .
Giftpesa success
courtesy @MoICTKenya

GiftPesa was singled out by Kenya’s Ministry of Information, Communications, and the Digital Economy as one of the country’s top ten outstanding innovations for 2022 in appreciation of its dedication to innovation in Africa.

Digital Gifting: A Game Changer

In today’s fast-paced world, finding the perfect gift can be quite a challenge. Moreso, imagine, with our busy lives, it can be tough to take the time to browse through stores or deal with the hassle of shipping.

That’s why convenience and personalization are more important than ever. After all, who doesn’t appreciate a thoughtful and tailored gift that’s easy to give and share? Right?  It’s amazing to think that one simple idea like this can change the gift game forever.

Giftpesa Today

As we celebrate Giftpesa’s 5th anniversary, it’s essential to highlight what makes this platform stand out and continue to thrive in an ever-evolving industry.

1. Variety of Choices:

By listening to the feedback and needs of their users, Giftpesa continually improves and adds brands that cater to a diverse audience. Whether you’re a tech-savvy millennial or a retiree exploring the perfect gift, Giftpesa has something for you. You can explore it all HERE.

2. Convenience:

In our ever-advancing digital world, Giftpesa has fully embraced innovation. Physical vouchers and store limitations are no longer an issue. With Giftpesa’s entirely digital vouchers, redeeming them becomes a breeze, offering a quick and hassle-free experience.

3. Easy Disbursement:

Why go through the hassle of visiting a physical store or mailing a voucher when you can do it all digitally with e-vouchers? Giftpesa makes it simple to buy and send digital gift vouchers to several recipients with only a few clicks.. It’s a simple and convenient process that saves you time and effort.

4. Customization:

Have you ever struggled to find the perfect gift for someone special in your life? I know the feeling. It can be overwhelming to determine what they’ll truly enjoy and value, especially when you’re pressed for time. That’s where Giftpesa comes in to save the day! 

Be it a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or a simple gesture of gratitude, Giftpesa simplifies the process of sending gifts that are tailored to the occasion and the recipient’s tastes.  

It’s the ultimate way to show someone you care, without any added stress or hassle.

These innovations have redefined personalization and elevated the emotional value of digital gifting.

Building a Giftpesa Community

 Over the past five years, Giftpesa has formed partnerships with local businesses, and even international brands to offer a diverse range of gifting options.

 Through collaborations with small and independent enterprises, Giftpesa promotes local brands, restaurants, and stores. This not only supports the local economy but also provides users with a wider range of gifting options.

Giftpesa Embracing Innovation

 Giftpesa has consistently embraced innovation to provide its users with the latest and most exciting gifting experiences. In recent years, they introduced an App ( One can access Giftpesa on the MPESA mini app) allowing users to send immersive and interactive gifts that transport recipients to different worlds.

Moreover, they’ve integrated Application Programming Interface (API) to enhance the personalization process. API integration has been used with several companies doing sales promotions, making it easier to gift their customers instantly after the purchase. 

Giftpesa’s dedication to innovation ensures that it remains at the forefront of the digital gifting industry.

CEO, Pamela Muriuki and the team

The Road Ahead

As Giftpesa enters its sixth year, the future looks promising. I’m impressed by how Giftpesa has managed to stay ahead of the game by constantly innovating, tailoring their services to their customers’ needs, and fostering a sense of community. 

The team under Pamela Muriuki’s leadership is not one to sit back and take it easy; they have some interesting things in store. 

The extension of their platform to provide an even greater variety of gift possibilities is one of the forthcoming advancements that has quite excited many.  And It will certainly be exciting to see what original and personalized gifting experiences they come up with in the upcoming months.

Giftpesa is also exploring partnerships with global brands to offer exclusive gifting options. These collaborations will enable users to send gifts from their favorite brands across the world, making the platform even more versatile.


Giftpesa’s 5th anniversary is not just a celebration of longevity; it’s a testament to the power of innovation and the human desire to connect and share emotions.

Giftpesa has demonstrated that technology can reduce the gap and bring people together in a world where physical distances and fast-paced lifestyles often make giving gifts difficult.

As Giftpesa enters its sixth year, we’re excited to witness the new and exciting developments they have in store for us. It’s evident that Giftpesa is only scratching the surface of their potential, and we’re eagerly anticipating the opportunity to join them on their journey. This revolutionary digital gifting company is changing the game of gift-giving, and we’re excited to see all that lies ahead for them.

Happy Giftpesa’s 5th anniversary!

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10 Tips and Ideas for Customer Service Week Celebrations

Celebrating Customer Service Week 2023

Hey there, guess what? Customer Service Week is just around the corner, and it’s the ideal moment to give a big shout-out to the heartbeat of your company – your incredible team. After all, they’re the ones putting in the hard work to keep your clients smiling and content

So, why not take this opportunity to show your appreciation and gift your team the power to choose with Giftpesa digital gift vouchers? Our digital vouchers have successfully assisted businesses in rewarding their clients and employees.

Do you still have doubts about the importance of celebrating Customer Service Week? In this blog post, we will explore the significance of Customer Service Week and provide you with ideas and tips to make your celebration a memorable one.

Why Celebrate Customer Service Week?

Celebrating Customer Service Week goes beyond just a week of festivities- themed balloons and cakes. This special week has a lasting impact on employee morale, job satisfaction, and productivity.

Here is why you should celebrate CS Week:

Boost Employee Morale

Celebrating Customer Service Week promotes teamwork, improves morale, and increases motivation among team members. It also cultivates a sense of belonging and unity, encouraging commitment to and involvement in their responsibilities.

Recognizing Hard Work

During Customer Service Week, we acknowledge team members’ dedication to solving challenges, highlight customer satisfaction achievements, and reward excellence with incentives, leading others to improve.

Enhance Customer and Employee Satisfaction

Increased morale results in increased job satisfaction, which lowers turnover and fosters a productive workplace. Team members who are driven to succeed are more productive, which enhances client experiences and is advantageous to the company’s finances and reputation. Customer Service Week improves the company’s culture by demonstrating concern for staff and encouraging gratitude, cooperation, and ongoing development.

10 Tips and Ideas for Customer Service Week Celebrations

Now that you are aware of how important it is to observe Customer Service Week, I’m sure you are considering how you can go above and beyond to make it memorable for your staff and customers. 

Here are some ideas and tips to celebrate this coming customer service .

Build excitement on social media:

Get the buzz going by announcing exciting surprises on your social media platforms. It could be freebies, exclusive discounts, or even a social media contest where customers can share their favorite customer service experiences with your brand.

Alternately, have your social media team create cute videos showcasing your products or the routines of various departments inside your company. 

Decorate the Workplace:

Transform your workspace into a festive wonderland. Decorate the office with colorful balloons, streamers, and banners to set a celebratory mood. A visually appealing workplace can boost team spirit.

Be sure to bring some delicious cake for the team because it’s the perfect finishing touch to the celebrations.. After all, can we really call it a celebration without slicing into that mouthwatering cake? Right?

Recognize and Reward Your Team:

Show your team that their hard work and dedication don’t go unnoticed. Organize an awards ceremony where you recognize outstanding team members and reward them with personalized gifts or certificates of appreciation. Make them feel valued for their dedication to customer satisfaction.

Share a festive meal or Snacks:

Everyone loves good food. Therefore, arrange a special catered meal or snacks in the office. It’s a great way to bond and share stories over delicious bites.

Recognize Supporting Individuals and Teams:

As this year’s Customer Service Week theme emphasizes the value of teamwork, let’s take a moment to recognize the individuals and groups who support us and who are vital to our success.

Remember customer service doesn’t happen in isolation. Therefore it will be good to recognize and appreciate other departments or teams that support your customer service efforts. A simple thank-you note or a token of appreciation can go a long way.

Express Gratitude to Customers:

Send heartfelt thank-you messages to your customers, acknowledging their loyalty and trust in your brand. Remind them of your commitment to providing exceptional service and how much you value their business.

Host engaging activities:

Why not organize some amazing team-building exercises, workshops to improve their skills, and recognition events? These not only boost team morale but also significantly improve your team’s capacity to provide exceptional customer service.

Host Theme Days:

Make each day of Customer Service Week unique by having themed days. Encourage team members to dress up according to the theme these can be your corporate wear or something in that line. Also, you can plan activities related to it, and serve food that complements the theme.

In the recent past, we have observed corporations embracing this, such as Britam Insurance, which encourages its employees to dress up according to the policies they have, including those about medical, education, and many others. Dressing up in line with the theme adds a fun twist to the celebration.

Reflect, Celebrate, and Re-energize:

Customer Service Week isn’t just about recognizing achievements but also about having fun. Reflect on your successes, celebrate accomplishments, and take time to re-energize. This ensures your team remains motivated to provide the best service possible.

Incorporate a Charitable Element:

 Show your team’s caring side by incorporating a charitable element into your celebration. During Customer Service Week, think of organizing a charity drive, a day of volunteer work, or even a contribution drive. These deeds of kindness not only enrich your celebration but also enable you to have a real, beneficial effect on your community. It’s a lovely way to celebrate while showing kindness.

Well, we’ve walked you through the importance of  CS Week and provided you with some fantastic ideas to turn it into a truly memorable celebration for both your team and your cherished customers. But why stop there?

Picture this: you’re gearing up for  CS Week, and you want to make it truly exceptional .However, you are running out of ideal gifts for Customer Service Week. That’s where Giftpesa digital gift vouchers come into play. With our digital vouchers, you can empower your team to choose their own rewards, giving them a personal touch that goes a long way.

With these ideas and tips, you’re all set to make this Customer Service Week a memorable and heartwarming celebration. Happy Customer Service Week!

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 Elevate Your Corporate Gifting Strategy with Giftpesa

How do you engage customers without actually engaging them? In the world of business, building strong relationships with employees, clients, and partners is very important. Because of this, many companies have turned to Giftpesa corporate gifting as their one-stop shop for fostering business ties.

Today, I’m thrilled to introduce Giftpesa, a cutting-edge platform for gifting that will revolutionize how your business handles corporate gifts. Join me as we explore what Giftpesa offers, how it works, why it’s a game-changer and the benefits it brings to a company. 

Introducing Giftpesa for Corporate Gifting

Giftpesa is an innovative gifting platform that goes beyond traditional corporate gifting. It offers a comprehensive suite of digital gifting services, making it the perfect solution for businesses seeking innovative and impactful corporate gifts. With Giftpesa, you can elevate your gifting strategy and create lasting impressions.

How Giftpesa Works for Corporate Gifting

Giftpesa simplifies the corporate gifting process with its user-friendly platform. With our digital gifting platform, you can buy and send customized digital vouchers. Giftpesa works with several brands to offer recipients a wide range of gift options. Here is the best part, with just a few clicks, you can send a personalized gift that resonates with your recipients.

Why Giftpesa is the Ultimate Choice

At Giftpesa, we are passionate about helping businesses create meaningful connections through corporate gifting. Here’s why we stand out:

  1. Versatility and Flexibility: Giftpesa offers many gifting options for different preferences and occasions. From shopping to dining, wellness, and travel, recipients can choose a gift they love, enhancing their overall satisfaction.
  2. Streamlined Process: Our platform simplifies the corporate gifting workflow. With centralized management, you can easily track and monitor gift distribution, ensuring a seamless experience for both the giver and recipients. Giftpesa takes care of your gifting worries, so you can focus on building relationships.
  3. Personalization: We understand the importance of personal touch in corporate gifting. That’s why, we allow you to customize gift messages and branding, enabling you to convey your appreciation and strengthen your company’s identity.
  4. Gift Empowerment: Giftpesa gives recipients the ability to manage their gifts. Giftpesa provides recipients with a world of flexible and simple gifting experiences with its digital vouchers

Benefits of Giftpesa for a company

By incorporating Giftpesa into your corporate gifting strategy, you unlock numerous advantages:

  • Enhanced Employee Engagement: People get excited when they receive personalized gifts. However, with Giftpesa corporate gifting, the present serves to communicate rather than the gift itself.

With Giftpesa corporate gifts, you can give employees appreciation and rewards for their hard work with thoughtful gifts that speak to their passions. This encourages appreciation, which raises morale and engagement among your workers.

  • Strengthened Client Relationships: How can you make sure brand switching among consumers is decreased? Creating a closer relationship with your clients by pleasantly surprising them with thoughtful presents will discreetly deter them from switching brands. 

 Give your clients and business partners Giftpesa corporate gifts to show them how much you value their patronage. The Giftpesa options’ flexibility and personalization enable you to design amazing experiences that leave a lasting impact and strengthen bonds and loyalty.

  • Efficient Procurement: Giftpesa simplifies the purchasing process, easing the stress of corporate gift purchasing and disbursement. Our technology provides a one-stop shop, eliminating the need for the giver to physically visit the store to buy specified gifts for the receiver.


Giftpesa is on a mission to develop innovative solutions that allow people to buy, send, and redeem digital vouchers to spread joy. By leveraging technology and innovation, we are making gifting services accessible to both businesses and individuals, fostering convenience and flexibility in gifting. 

To learn more about Giftpesa and start your seamless gift-giving journey, visit our website at What are you waiting for? Join the thousands of satisfied customers who trust us for their gifting needs.

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Giftpesa Digital Gifting Platform: Revolutionizing Gift Solutions

Giftpesa Digital Gifting Platform: Transforming the Art of Gifting

Since its founding in 2018, Giftpesa has led the charge in reshaping the gifting sector by replacing traditional gift-giving techniques with its cutting-edge platform. Also, offering seamless digital gifting solutions that satisfy both customers and businesses is our aim.

How Giftpesa Become the Industry Leader in Digital Vouchers

Giftpesa has quickly risen to become the market leader in digital gifts in just five years, thanks to our visionary business owners and dedicated team.Our founder, head of product, chief of operations, software engineers, designers, marketing specialists, and customer support reps work hard to ensure innovation and customer satisfaction.

Meet the team Behind Giftpesa’s Success
Giftpesa team

So, how do we do it? Our team drives a common goal: to be the most trusted gifting platform in Africa. 

With just a few clicks, users can purchase a gift voucher, personalize it with a heartfelt message, and send it directly to the recipient’s phone. No more worries about physical vouchers getting lost or last-minute rushes to find the perfect present.

What Makes Giftpesa Unique?

But what sets Giftpesa apart from the rest? It’s our commitment to convenience and flexibility.  There is something for everyone on Giftpesa digital gifting platform, which offers a variety of gift options ranging from lifestyle items to bespoke experiences.

 And with Giftpesa, customers can access their vouchers easily on their phones and adding unique messages to their digital gifts. We also continue to expand our partnerships with top brands and retailers, ensuring a diverse and enticing range of gift possibilities for every occasion.

Empowering Businesses with corporate gift solutions

Giftpesa is not only a platform that serves individuals but also assists businesses in including digital gift alternatives in their incentive programs, rewards plans, and corporate gifting campaigns.

By streamlining processes and enhancing relationships with customers and employees, Giftpesa enables businesses to achieve greater efficiency and success.

In conclusion, Giftpesa digital gifting platform is revolutionizing the way we gift. With our innovative gifting platform, extensive gift options, and commitment to convenience, we are your go-to gifting platform. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional gift-giving and embrace the joy of digital gifting with Giftpesa. Join thousands of satisfied customers and try our cut edging corporate gifts today . Click here to join.

peer-to-peer recognition programs
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Why Peer-to-Peer Recognition is Important in the Workplace

It is common to see birthday cards and service awards when thinking of ‘employee recognition.’ That’s because, traditionally, workplace recognition comes from the top down. But peer-to-peer recognition is a game-changing secret vital to employee engagement.

Peer-to-peer recognition encourages employees to praise and acknowledge any outstanding work. Employee recognition is important in collaborative arrangements but necessary for employee teamwork.

A peer-to-peer recognition program is beneficial to employees. It additionally has a positive impact on the company. In addition, there are multiple ways for team members to recognize each other.

The information below details everything HR professionals and employees need to know about employee recognition programs. 

Importance of Peer-To-Peer Recognition

  • Strengthening work relationships. Peer recognition programs are a way for coworkers to bond. It can therefore strengthen employee relationships.
  • Improve employee self-confidence. Employees that receive positive feedback from their peers develop better self-esteem and confidence. It can also lead to better team spirit and thus enthusiasm to keep collaborating.
  • Make collaborations effective. Team members that show appreciation for each find it easier to work together, resulting in effective collaboration. In addition, they will be more inclined to collaborate when the opportunity presents itself. 
  • For workplace culture. One good deed can have a ripple effect. Soon enough, peer recognition can become an integral characteristic of company culture.

What Are Some Ways To Show Recognition?

Cards And Handwritten Notes

Cards and handwritten notes ensure that every employee can participate in the program. Managers can set up ‘recognition stations,’ providing simple cards and fun stationery to encourage employees to participate.

Social Media And Channel Posts

Employees can use social media and shared messaging channels like Slack to acknowledge good employee performance. Social recognition initiatives benefit remote teams that cannot access a physical ‘kudos board.’

Managers can create message boards or social media pages where employees can publicly praise each other for work well done. Alternatively, HR can invite employees to share their praise anonymously and then post it on the page, channel, email newsletter, etc. LinkedIn endorsements are also effective.

Peer Point or Monetary Rewards System

The peer point or monetary rewards system is a great way to scale productivity while nurturing company values.

Each employee starts with an equal set of points or monetary value, such as 10 points or $10. Then, the employees anonymously reward each other within a set timeline, such as a month.

The high-performing employee with the most points at the end receives the monetary award or gets to pick a gift from management based on the points they receive.

Corporate Gifting Solution

Using corporate gifting solutions makes peer recognition programs easier and more effective. These platforms make sending gifts easier and more personal. An excellent example of a corporate gifting solution is Giftpesa. The solution allows employees to give their coworkers gift vouchers of specific monetary value. 

How To Encourage Peer-To-Peer Recognition

Develop a recognition program.

HR managers should develop peer recognition programs and spread awareness among employees. They can make boards and stations that outline the program and participation rules. HR should ensure that everyone has access to the program. In addition, the program should be inclusive and timely, with a rewards program that accommodates personality differences. 

Post publicly.

Managers should spotlight employees who receive positive peer feedback to inspire others, show them that their good work contributes to the business, and help leaders become more aware of the employee’s hard work.

Encourage leaders to lead by example.

HR should encourage team leaders to participate in the program as an example to others. Leaders should ensure it is genuine and simple.

Make it voluntary.

Once the culture of recognition becomes mandatory, employees will find it hard to do or give genuine feedback, thus defeating its purpose. HR leaders should insist on the voluntary nature of the program.

The Benefits of Recognizing Others

Some of the benefits of peer recognition are:

  • Camaraderie. Employee appreciation can create mutual trust and friendship among employees– both important for collaborative success.
  • Better mental health. Grateful and recognized employees are less stressed and anxious about going to work.
  • Improves the bottom line. Employee recognition encourages employees to work harder and smarter, resulting in better productivity.
  • Good employee retention rates. Peer-to-peer recognition can improve job satisfaction which translates to better retention rates.

Peer-To-Peer Recognition Affects The Workplace

Encouraging employees to recognize each other positively impacts the work environment. Once it is an established part of company culture, it becomes a competitive edge for attracting talent. Contact Workpay to learn more about Giftpesa, an effective peer-to-peer recognition solution.

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10 Unique Personalized Gifts Messages They will love

Christmas is a time for giving and receiving gifts, and personalized gifts messages can make the experience even more special. Whether you’re looking for something for employees, a Client, or partner, there are many ways to customize gifts to make them unique and meaningful. 

Some ideas for personalized Christmas gifts messages  include:

  1. “Wishing you and your loved ones a joyous holiday season and a happy new year. Thank you for being such a valuable part of our team/partnership.”
  2. “May this holiday season bring you happiness, health, and prosperity. We are grateful to have you as our employee/client/partner.”
  3. “As we reflect on the past year, we are so grateful for your hard work and dedication. We hope this gift brings you a little extra cheer this holiday season.”
  4. “From our team to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We appreciate all that you do for us and look forward to another successful year together.”
  5. “We hope this gift brings a smile to your face and warmth to your heart. Thank you for your continued support and partnership.”
  6. “As the holiday season approaches, we wanted to express our sincere gratitude for your contributions to our company/partnership. Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season.”
  7. “From all of us at [company name], we want to say thank you for your hard work and commitment. We hope this gift brings a little extra joy to your holiday season.”
  8. “As we come to the end of another year, we wanted to let you know how much we value your contributions to our team/partnership. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”
  9. “We are so grateful to have you as a part of our team/partnership. May this holiday season be filled with love, laughter, and joy for you and your loved ones.”
  10. “As the holiday season approaches, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for your hard work and dedication. We hope this gift brings a little extra cheer to your holiday season. Happy holidays from all of us at [company name].”

No matter what type of personalized gifts messages you choose, the recipient is sure to appreciate the thought and effort you put into making it special for them. Happy holidays!

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Giftpesa Digital Vouchers Ranks Among Top Innovations in 2022

Giftpesa, Kenya’s premier digital voucher service has been listed by the Ministry of Information, Communications, and the Digital Economy as one of Kenya’s top ten leading innovations for 2022.

The list, which was shared on 12 December 2022, put GiftPesa on the spotlight for its contribution to innovation in Africa.

“As we celebrate 59 years of Kenya’s  independence, we acknowledge and applaud the innovations that have made us an innovation hub in Africa. CONNECT, INNOVATE & INSPIRE.” the ICT Ministry said in a tweet.

While receiving the recognition, GiftPesa CEO  Pamela Muriuki said, “We dedicate this win to our esteemed corporate clients who have continuously used our services.We are here because of them.’’

GiftPesa e-vouchers has steadily gained popularity among Kenyans for providing digital versions of a physical gift that can be sent instantly from one person to another. They are typically delivered via email or text message and can be used to purchase items online or in-store.

Giftpesa innovations, in collaboration with the MPESA Mini app and USSD shortcodes, enable individuals to simply purchase and deliver presents electronically. 

This may be a more practical and environmentally responsible alternative to traditional gift cards, and it has made it easier for consumers to send gifts to loved ones.

With the advent of the internet and e-commerce, it is now possible to purchase and send gifts online, often with just a few clicks. This has made gift-giving more convenient and accessible.

Additionally, the rise of personalized and customizable gifts has made it possible for companies to create unique, tailored gifts for their recipients. Overall, Giftpesa’s digital gifting platform has made the process of corporate gift-giving more efficient and customizable.

By taking advantage of the benefits of Giftpesa digital vouchers, we can save money, express our emotions, and make a positive impact on our loved ones. So, the next time you’re looking for a way to show your appreciation, consider giving the gift of a Giftpesa digital voucher

courtesy @MoICTKenya
Customer service agent on call with a client
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5 Ways to Celebrate Customer Service Week in 2022


Customer Service Week is coming ( 3-7 October). You’re probably wondering why I am telling you this. Anyway, customer service is the backbone of any successful organization. You must invest in customer service if you’d like to build brand loyalty, advocacy, and consumer happiness. 

Given the importance of the customer experience, businesses must recognize Customer Service Week. Have you been commemorating Customer Service Week with your team? If not, then this piece is for you.

Why Customer Service Week Should Be Celebrated

Because customer service representatives are the company’s public face, they are vital to promoting your brand. Thus, celebrating Customer Service can offers your business many advantages, including;

        • Increase the value of customer service within your company.
        • Boost your employees’ sense of purpose and cooperation
        • Boost client perception and image
        • Remind customers of the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction
        • Boost productivity by rewarding employees for a job well done 
        •  For attracting and keeping top talent in your business.
        • Generate long-term relationships with customers 

Ways to Celebrate Customer Service

Customer Service Week should be used by businesses to promote their brand as well as to keep their staff motivated. Use this week to express your appreciation for your customer service team’s work.

Here are a few suggestions for how any company might recognize Customer Service Week in 2022.

1. Recognize and Reward Excellent Employees

Spend a minute recognizing a job well done. Everything is going great at work, right? Promote a celebration. In addition to paying attention to the numbers during this Customer Service Week, we should also pay attention to the energy behind the numbers.

Excellent customer service is simple to reward by giving them a Giftpesa voucher. Depending on the department, recipient’s name, and message, you can customize the eVoucher to your liking. Personalized gift vouchers are the most cherished gifts. The human-to-human method of gift-giving always makes the recipient feel as though the sender spent time crafting the present for them.

2. Provide Customer Service Training

Supporting your staff’s professional development is crucial if you want to deliver great customer service.

Invest in your staff’s training if you want to meet and exceed the expectations and demands of your customers.

Provide your staff with workshops and short courses that include certification. By doing this, you will be able to demonstrate to your staff how much you care about their professional development and how important they are to your company.

3. Have Q&A Session With Your Employees

Customer service is your company’s watchdog, thus they are the best people to ask about how customers perceive your brand.

With that in mind, it would be a good idea to have a question and answer session with your customer service. This will help in improving customer satisfaction and maximize sales opportunities.

4. Reach out to Your Customers With Gifts

Some business owners feel that it’s a waste of resources to show their customers their appreciation. The word “Thank you” carries a lot of significance. It acknowledges the fact that, even as you help consumers, they are helping you by supporting your business. “No customers, no business,” is what we at Giftpesa say.

Customer Service Week gives us a chance to emphasize how important our customers’ satisfaction is to us. Thanks to Giftpesa digital gifting platform, tons of companies have adapted gift giving as a way to thank their customers.

5. Host a Customer Service Week Party for Your Employees.

As you prepare to grace the Customer Service Week, make sure your employees feel appreciated by throwing a party for them to celebrate them. Make use of office parties if there is a management gap in your company. The best time to strengthen your business relationships is when you spend time with your staff.


During CS Week, you have the chance to show your customers and workers that you are a reliable brand. Thus, sending presents to your workers in appreciation during this week is ideal for any business.

To make this week memorable, please feel free to reach out to us for thoughtful corporate gifts for your team.