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The Best Way to Reward Staff and Customers: Digital Gift Vouchers

Staff and customers deserve a moment of appreciation. It’s more than the gift or the kind words, it’s about building a working relationship and acknowledging all the time staff and customers put into your business.

Whether you run an NGO or own a business, rewarding your staff and customers is a way to express your gratitude. Many businesses do this through gift vouchers. But with the digital transformation wave, digital gift vouchers are the next biggest thing.

Why Rewards are Important

When you buy gift vouchers as a reward for staff and customers, you’re doing more for your business than you think.

66% of employees would quit if they felt underappreciated at work. Besides quitting, underappreciated staff will inevitably become less motivated and productive. Rewards are incentives that show your staff that you value their efforts.

For customers, rewards provide a reason for them to choose your business over others. It enhances the customer experience ensuring your business stays alive and well.

Issues with Manual Gift Vouchers

While gift vouchers are a popular reward option for businesses, manual/physical gift vouchers are becoming outdated due to their many inconveniences.

–        Lack of choices

Manual vouchers limit the options of stores where your staff and customers can use them.

–        Inconveniences with distribution

Since you must physically distribute manual vouchers, it’s an issue when in-person contact is limited.

–        Short validation period 

When you buy gift vouchers that are manual, you nor your staff/customer can change the validation date on them. This is a huge disappointment for those who may have missed out on the chance to use it.

Digital gift vouchers resolve each of these pain points. It makes it more convenient for both you and your staff/customers when you buy gift vouchers that are digital instead.

The Perks of Digital Gift Vouchers

Thankfully with advancements in digital products, digital gift vouchers came to life. At Gift Pesa, we created our digital gift vouchers so that you can seamlessly build working relations with your employees and customers. The benefits of digital voucher include:

  • Control validation period

For digital vouchers, you can choose the validation period. You can extend for as long as you’d like for your staff/customers.

  • Freedom to spend

Using a digital voucher means your customers and staff have complete autonomy on where they spend their vouchers. From grocery stores to clothing stores, the options are endless.

  • Easy distribution

You can simply send a gift voucher over email. Besides this, your staff and customers never have to worry about losing the voucher either. Automated vouchers make it 10X easier!

  • Traceability

With each digital voucher, you can see if a voucher has been used or not. This information can help you create a report on levels of productivity among staff and customer loyalty among your clients. This is amazing information for the future of your enterprise.

Long gone are the days of struggling to show your staff and customers the appreciation and rewards they deserve. With Gift Pesa’s digital gift voucher system, you’ll end up with happy customers and staff. And in return, this means a flourishing business.

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Why You Should Make the Switch to Digital Vouchers

From time to time, it’s important to show the people around us that we appreciate them with an e-voucher. Whether it’s for an employee who went above and beyond or as a token of gratitude, anyone can find value in a voucher.

With digital vouchers providing more convenience and practicality, physical vouchers are becoming something of the past. E-vouchers streamlines the process of purchasing, sending, and redeeming a gift – making the gift-giving process a whole lot easier.

What’s Wrong with Physical Vouchers?

Traditionally, a sender must physically purchase a voucher and then distribute it manually so that the recipient can redeem the gift in-store. This becomes even more tedious when you need to gift hundreds of vouchers. Here are just a few reasons to avoid physical vouchers:

  • Costly

Physical vouchers tend to be printed on small cards and papers. As such, people can lose or misplace them much easier. That’s why 16% of vouchers bought are never redeemed.

  • Time- Consuming

From needing to physically print out a voucher to distributing it to someone, this requires more energy and time.

  • Prone to Fraud

With physical vouchers, an unauthorized person can simply take and use it without permission.

The Solution: E-Vouchers with Giftpesa

With so many inconveniences using physical vouchers, that’s where Giftpesa comes with digital gift vouchers. We’ve automated the entire voucher gifting process to create an easy and stress-free experience for both senders and receivers. E-vouchers provide start to finish convenience and here’s how.


Giftpesa Redemption marketplace


You Save Money: If a recipient of the e-voucher does not claim it within 12 months, the money is automatically sent back to your account. You can also track every voucher you send.

You Save Your Time: With e-vouchers, there’s no need to visit a store or physically mail a voucher. Giftpesa allows you to purchase and send a voucher digitally to as many people as you want. Better yet, the process is simple.

Why Giftpesa e-vouchers

  1. Create an account on Giftpesa.
  2. Prefund your e-wallet with the amount you want.
  3. Upload the of recipients (Phone number, amounts).
  4. Recipient receives a text message to claim e-voucher – and you’re all set!

You Authorize the E-Voucher: When a recipient receives an e-voucher, they can only spend within selected redemption outlets. All vouchers are lockable and secured with a pin. This means that whoever you meant to send it to will only be able to redeem it for only intended purpose.

64% of paper vouchers are never redeemed completely. This is due to different and vary in taste and preferences. With Giftpesa, we have changed that. We empower the voucher recipient by enabling them to redeem partially at the time and place of their choice.

How to redeem or share giftpesa e-voucher

E-vouchers provide a sense of simplicity and security when gift giving. Better yet, these vouchers can be used for nearly everything – ( from supermarkets to petrol stations, lucky recipients of these digital vouchers can use it for any and all of their needs. So what are you waiting for? Visit today and set up an account to start gifting e-vouchers as a sign of your appreciation.

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Gift your employees with digital gift vouchers

Owning a business is a blessing. This prevailing pandemic has hit everything so hard that it is wonderful if your business is surviving. Of course, we are not living in the normal circumstances; these are the adverse circumstances. The only cooperating thing might be learning how to run your business successfully in this worst time using the best available sources.

If you own a company and running your company or business with the help of some staff members and employees, then it is sure that you want to reward them with digital gift vouchers this Christmas. Owing to this pandemic, it the best mode to reward your staff members with digital gift vouchers so that all the SOPs are followed successfully.

If you plan to reward your staff, you need not worry to look for a reliable medium. This article will completely guide you on sending  digital gift vouchers in Kenya to your employees through the best gifting online platform – GiftPesa.

What is GiftPesa?

GiftPesa is a digital gifting platform that provides freedom of choice to people and corporates in gifting. GiftPesa supports business to disburse bulk digital vouchers to multiple recipients at a go.  Giftpesa digital vouchers are redeemable at Carrefour, Naivas, Tuskys, Quickmart, Eastmatt, Woolworths, lC Waikiki, Text book center etc.

Why to Send Gifts through GiftPesa?

            In this pandemic, it is the safest way to reward your employees through digital gift voucher.  GiftPesa is the most reliable gift management platform.

Here are some reasons to choose GiftPesa:

  1. It is the most reliable online gift sending platform.
  2. You can disburse bulk evouchers to multiple recipients at a single GO. A single click is what you need to press.
  3. It provides you with a dashboard to track voucher redemption.
  4. GiftPesa generates disbursement report with the name of beneficiaries, amount received, and the delivery status of the digital voucher.
  5. You can verify if all the employees have received the digital evoucher gifts.
  6. You can track redemption history real-time.
  7. There is no expiry of evouchers.
  8. You can get refund of unutilized evouchers.
  9. You have 100% control of where your clients redeem. You have all the power.
  10. GiftPesa allows the recipients to redeem partially  without putting any restriction.
  11. GiftPesa evouchers are redeemable across all Carrefour, Naivas, Quickmatt, Eastmatt, Tuskys, Artcaffe, Gamestores, LC Waikiki, Woolworths etc

to show hoe giftpesa digital voucher works

How to Proceed:

Now that you have made your mind to reward your employees with online gift vouchers, it is time to create an account on GiftPesa. To create your account, click here.

After creating your account, log in. Now, top up your wallet by using a voucher. You can use Mpesa, Eft, Rtgs, Cheque to top up. At the third step, you need to upload recipients list in a CSV format. In this list, name, amount, phone number of recipients are included. Now is the time to disburse the voucher. Your employees will receive the vouchers via SMS with instructions on how and where to redeem. Your employees can redeem these vouchers either wholly or partially. It is that simple.How to use giftpesa digital voucher


Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Pamel Muriuki.

[email protected]


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The Best Way to Reward Staff and Employees

Do you own a business? Do you want to reward your staff and employees and looking forward to knowing the best possible way?

This article is for you!

Receiving gifts gives an inevitable pleasure. If we receive the gifts as a reward for the effort we put in our work, our attitude towards our job becomes more positive than it was ever before. According to Alexander McCall Smith, the Staff and employees should be rewarded not only for best efforts but also for the celebration of special occasions and events. Employees can be rewarded on the base of performance, or on the base of behaviour. Rewarding them will increase their loyalty to your business, and it will help you grow your business. Rewarding them with gifts gives them a clue that you recognize their public face, and it  them to put their more efforts in your business.

This article explains the best way to reward staff and employees.

Select Your Gift Receivers

If you own a business and you want to reward your staff members, the very first thing you need to do is to decide whether you want to reward a few of your members or all of them. Upon deciding this, the next step is to decide whether you want to reward them physically or online. We recommend that you reward them eVouchers because as a businessman and boss, you will not have ample time to reward them with gifts one by one physically. It will take a lot of time. Moreover, evouchers are more secure.

New normal with e-gift

Reward them eVouchers through GiftPesa

Gracious acceptance is an art – an art which most never bother to cultivate. As a business owner, you must praise the efforts of your employees by rewarding them in the best possible way.

Giftpesa is a gift management platform that provides freedom of choice to people and corporates in gifting. Giftpesa enable people and businesses to operate efficiently by automating the entire gifting process I.e. buying, redeeming and bulk disbursements of digital gift vouchers to multiple recipients.

Transparency is so rare in gifting industry, but Giftpesa has transparency and efficiency to gain the trust of its users.

Shopping with a digital voucher

 Want to Reward the Whole Staff at a Go?

You are a big company, and you have a lot of staff members and employees working under you whom you want to reward them with gifts at a go. Do not worry! Giftpesa has this particular feature that allows you to reward your staff members at a go.

Send many evouchers at a go

You can buy vouchers online and disburse to many recipients at a go. For the easiness of recipients, Giftpesa sends them a message with information i.e. amount of voucher, where to redeem, how to redeem, etc.

Track Redemption History

If you want to keep track of who have redeemed the voucher and who have not, Giftpesa facilitates you to track redemption history. On your Giftpesa business account, you will be given access to a dashboard portal where you can analyse redemption analytics. This will be fun for you.

Get a dashboard to track e vouchers in kenya

Get Refund of un-utilized eVouchers

You have rewarded your staff and employees in the best possible way. You are tracking the redemption your evouchers that you have disbursed to different recipients. Suppose, some of staff members do not redeem their evouchers and 12 months are passed. Now, you can get refund of un-utilized evouchers.

Giftpesa refunds all evouchers that have become inactive after a period of 12 months. Inactive evouchers are refunded back to the original source for further re-allocation.

 Partial Redemption

Giftpesa allows the recipients of your evouchers to redeem evouchers multiple times without putting any restriction. Recipients do not need to spend the total amount at a go. They can redeem any amount as per their need. They have the freedom to spend any time, anywhere, and any amount within the redemption marketplace.

You have rewarded them with gift in the form of evoucher, and that evoucher gives them a facility of redeem it anytime they want.

Excited customer after shopping with e voucher

It adds to their joy. You have provided them more easiness. You are gaining their loyalty.


How Giftpesa Works for Corporates

The very first thing you, as a business owner and corporate, need to do is to create an account on this website. Once you have created an account, login to this account.

Now top up your wallet by buying a voucher. You have many options to top up your wallet. But topping up your wallet is prerequisite for disbursing gifts to your staff members and employees. After topping up the wallet, it is the time to upload the list of recipients. The list should be in CSV format. The list must contain necessary information such as name, phone number, and amount.

After uploading the list, it is the time to disburse evouchers to recipients. All recipients receive a confirmation message. The information about redemption of evouchers is also included in that message. This is the best way to reward your staff members and employees that work under you. This is the best way to reward all of them at a go. Sharing gifts in the form of evouchers through Giftpesa is the securest way. Go and disburse evouchers to your staff members, and make them happy to grow your business with their motivated positive attitude and enthusiastic spirit.

Pamela Muriuki-C.E.O|GIFTPESA|[email protected]

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5 ways Giftpesa is changing corporate gifting ideas

Every goal of an employer is to hire the most qualified staffs and keep them loyal and productive. Today, Research shows that many companies have disengaged employees with low motivation; only 13% of employees are engaged at work (Gallup). Motivated employees can lead to increased productivity and allow an organisation to achieve higher levels of output. Employee motivation is highly important for every company due to the benefits that it brings to the company. An incentive is an action or a valuable item that motivates an employee to do more of whatever has been asked by the employer. incentives can be tricky for many employers. Choosing the best gifting ideas that ensure the staffs remain happy, motivated and content can have a significant impact on organization growth. To be different and unique in the market, aspect of convenience, fast and flexibility have to be accompanied when selecting the best gifting design. Giftpesa is gift management platform that allows business disburse evouchers to multiple recipients at a go. Employees receive their evouchers via an sms with instructions on how to redeem. Let’s check out how Giftpesa has changed the corporate gifting ideas.

1.   Bulk disbursement

Giftpesa has automated the entire process of buying and disbursement of gift vouchers online. A human resource manager or a marketing manager, sitting in his/her office can disburse bulk evouchers to multiple recipients spread across a wide region. Upon disbursement, Giftpesa generates a summarized file which shows a success report on vouchers disbursed. This report can always be filled for future reference Nothing creates confidence, than an assurance that recipients have received their tokens and they can now spend at their pleasure.Show how disbursement is done a a go!

2.   Track Redemption

Giftpesa business portal gives visibility to track how your recipients are redeeming gift vouchers online across multiple retail centers. As a business, you are able to decide where your staff/customers should redeem based on redemption report. Tracking redemption brings financial prudency by ensuring money Show Tracking Redemptionspend by the business to reward is actually utilized as expected. In addition, the business can customize messages to staff pushing them to redeem in the event redemption rate is slow.

3.    Partial Redemption

The biggest incentive for businesses to use giftpesa platform to run incentive program is the benefits that trickle down to the staff/ customers. The benefit of partial redemption is worth a million to the end users. Imagine a possibility, where you can redeem your evoucher multiple times without restrictions. This gives you the freedom to spend and a choice to work within your budget. Giftpesa has made it possible to only redeem what you want to shop at that moment . Besides that, your evoucher balance is updated real-time and you can be able to see how much you’ve spent and the balance at the same time. This is a huge convenience to the consumers.

4.   Multiple redemption market place

Giftpesa evoucher are universally accepted across all leading supermarkets in Kenya. A single giftpesa evoucher is redeemable in Tuskys , Naivas , Eastmatt , Clean shelf, Quickmart , Carrefour etc. This is a huge step toward universal evoucher with open loop system.To show redemption partners

5.   Refund

Lastly, businesses have gained significantly with invention of giftpesa. In order to ensure businesses do not incur unnecessary losses, all online evouchers not utilized after 12 months are credited back to business giftpesa wallet. This gives the business an opportunity to further re-allocate the online evouchers to new clients/ consumers without incurring another cost.To show money back guarantee after 12 months


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