The Best Way to Reward Staff and Customers: Digital Gift Vouchers

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Staff and customers deserve a moment of appreciation. It’s more than the gift or the kind words, it’s about building a working relationship and acknowledging all the time staff and customers put into your business.

Whether you run an NGO or own a business, rewarding your staff and customers is a way to express your gratitude. Many businesses do this through gift vouchers. But with the digital transformation wave, digital gift vouchers are the next biggest thing.

Why Rewards are Important

When you buy gift vouchers as a reward for staff and customers, you’re doing more for your business than you think.

66% of employees would quit if they felt underappreciated at work. Besides quitting, underappreciated staff will inevitably become less motivated and productive. Rewards are incentives that show your staff that you value their efforts.

For customers, rewards provide a reason for them to choose your business over others. It enhances the customer experience ensuring your business stays alive and well.

Issues with Manual Gift Vouchers

While gift vouchers are a popular reward option for businesses, manual/physical gift vouchers are becoming outdated due to their many inconveniences.

–        Lack of choices

Manual vouchers limit the options of stores where your staff and customers can use them.

–        Inconveniences with distribution

Since you must physically distribute manual vouchers, it’s an issue when in-person contact is limited.

–        Short validation period 

When you buy gift vouchers that are manual, you nor your staff/customer can change the validation date on them. This is a huge disappointment for those who may have missed out on the chance to use it.

Digital gift vouchers resolve each of these pain points. It makes it more convenient for both you and your staff/customers when you buy gift vouchers that are digital instead.

The Perks of Digital Gift Vouchers

Thankfully with advancements in digital products, digital gift vouchers came to life. At Gift Pesa, we created our digital gift vouchers so that you can seamlessly build working relations with your employees and customers. The benefits of digital voucher include:

  • Control validation period

For digital vouchers, you can choose the validation period. You can extend for as long as you’d like for your staff/customers.

  • Freedom to spend

Using a digital voucher means your customers and staff have complete autonomy on where they spend their vouchers. From grocery stores to clothing stores, the options are endless.

  • Easy distribution

You can simply send a gift voucher over email. Besides this, your staff and customers never have to worry about losing the voucher either. Automated vouchers make it 10X easier!

  • Traceability

With each digital voucher, you can see if a voucher has been used or not. This information can help you create a report on levels of productivity among staff and customer loyalty among your clients. This is amazing information for the future of your enterprise.

Long gone are the days of struggling to show your staff and customers the appreciation and rewards they deserve. With Gift Pesa’s digital gift voucher system, you’ll end up with happy customers and staff. And in return, this means a flourishing business.

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  1. I have been using giftpesa for than 3yrs and I really appreciate it. It is very easy to use it is safe .

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