Corporate Gifting: Argh! Time For That Cheap Branded Thermos — Why This Trend Needs To Stop

Cheap thermos corporate gifting

December is great for three things; End-of-the-year staff parties, a long break from a year of hard work, and, of course, Corporate Christmas gifts!

Corporate gifting goes a long way in generating favorable brand awareness and engaging with stakeholders.

However, cutting corners in corporate gifting often leads to the purchasing of cheap gifts that leave a negative impression on recipients.

75% of thermal flasks on the market, for example, are completely ineffective. Save for causing first-degree burns or cooling your coffee faster than you can say Amen. Let’s not even get started on those Magic cups!  

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing inherently wrong with a thermos. In fact, a good quality thermos can be a lifesaver during the winter months.

According to a 2019 Ad Specialty Institute survey, only 21% of corporate gifts are kept by the recipient. A bigger amount (23%) is thrown away, contributing to the growing worldwide landfill waste crisis. The remainder is given away.

Receiving low-quality gifts might add to employees’ overall perceptions about whether their presence is valued by the organization.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to make an impression, especially with corporate gifts for employees. You may frequently obtain a better outcome with your present gift budget by spending wiser with a little direction on smart, sustainable corporate gifting.

Here’s a guide to responsible corporate gifting.

1. Quality over Cost in Corporate gifting:

Instead of focusing solely on the price tag, prioritize the quality and usefulness of the gift. A well-thought-out and practical gift, such as a digital gift voucher like GiftPesa, can be highly appreciated.

And besides, No need to step out – a phone, whether smart or featured, is all you need to quickly obtain a Giftpesa e-voucher.

2. Brand Image

Corporate gifts are a reflection of your company’s brand image. If the gift appears to be of low quality or lacks thought, it might inadvertently convey a negative message about your business.

Let’s face it – those cheap branded thermoses are a dime a dozen. They’re usually made of low-quality materials that don’t keep drinks hot or cold for very long. And once the branding wears off, they’re just another forgettable item in the back of a cupboard.

3. Personalization

Adding a personal touch to a lower-cost gift can enhance its perceived value. Consider personalizing items or including a handwritten note to show that you’ve put thought into the gift.     

What if you use the digital gifting platform Giftpesa this Christmas? With Giftpesa, you can personalize the sent vouchers with a heartfelt message for your loved ones.

4. Relevance to the Recipient

A cost-effective gift that aligns with the interests or needs of the recipient can be more meaningful than a more expensive but generic item. Consider the preferences and lifestyle of the person receiving the gift.

But choosing a digital gifting service (like GiftPesa..) will give your employee the right to go for his favorite perfume brand, including eateries and restaurants, fuel stations, clothing stores, spas, supermarkets, and others.

You don’t have to worry about receiving the same cheap branded thermos as everyone else when you use Giftpesa.

5. Branding and Presentation

The way a gift is presented can significantly impact its perceived value. Investing in attractive packaging and including your company logo or branding can elevate the overall impression.

So, next time you’re tempted to buy that cheap branded thermos, remember that there’s another option – digital vouchers. They’re the perfect way to give a thoughtful, personalized gift that your recipient will truly appreciate. And with platforms like Giftpesa, purchasing and sending digital vouchers has never been easier. So, why not give it a try and break the cycle of uninspired gifting?