The Best Way to Reward Staff and Employees

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Do you own a business? Do you want to reward your staff and employees and looking forward to knowing the best possible way?

This article is for you!

Receiving gifts gives an inevitable pleasure. If we receive the gifts as a reward for the effort we put in our work, our attitude towards our job becomes more positive than it was ever before. According to Alexander McCall Smith, the Staff and employees should be rewarded not only for best efforts but also for the celebration of special occasions and events. Employees can be rewarded on the base of performance, or on the base of behaviour. Rewarding them will increase their loyalty to your business, and it will help you grow your business. Rewarding them with gifts gives them a clue that you recognize their public face, and it  them to put their more efforts in your business.

This article explains the best way to reward staff and employees.

Select Your Gift Receivers

If you own a business and you want to reward your staff members, the very first thing you need to do is to decide whether you want to reward a few of your members or all of them. Upon deciding this, the next step is to decide whether you want to reward them physically or online. We recommend that you reward them eVouchers because as a businessman and boss, you will not have ample time to reward them with gifts one by one physically. It will take a lot of time. Moreover, evouchers are more secure.

New normal with e-gift

Reward them eVouchers through GiftPesa

Gracious acceptance is an art – an art which most never bother to cultivate. As a business owner, you must praise the efforts of your employees by rewarding them in the best possible way.

Giftpesa is a gift management platform that provides freedom of choice to people and corporates in gifting. Giftpesa enable people and businesses to operate efficiently by automating the entire gifting process I.e. buying, redeeming and bulk disbursements of digital gift vouchers to multiple recipients.

Transparency is so rare in gifting industry, but Giftpesa has transparency and efficiency to gain the trust of its users.

Shopping with a digital voucher

 Want to Reward the Whole Staff at a Go?

You are a big company, and you have a lot of staff members and employees working under you whom you want to reward them with gifts at a go. Do not worry! Giftpesa has this particular feature that allows you to reward your staff members at a go.

Send many evouchers at a go

You can buy vouchers online and disburse to many recipients at a go. For the easiness of recipients, Giftpesa sends them a message with information i.e. amount of voucher, where to redeem, how to redeem, etc.

Track Redemption History

If you want to keep track of who have redeemed the voucher and who have not, Giftpesa facilitates you to track redemption history. On your Giftpesa business account, you will be given access to a dashboard portal where you can analyse redemption analytics. This will be fun for you.

Get a dashboard to track e vouchers in kenya

Get Refund of un-utilized eVouchers

You have rewarded your staff and employees in the best possible way. You are tracking the redemption your evouchers that you have disbursed to different recipients. Suppose, some of staff members do not redeem their evouchers and 12 months are passed. Now, you can get refund of un-utilized evouchers.

Giftpesa refunds all evouchers that have become inactive after a period of 12 months. Inactive evouchers are refunded back to the original source for further re-allocation.

 Partial Redemption

Giftpesa allows the recipients of your evouchers to redeem evouchers multiple times without putting any restriction. Recipients do not need to spend the total amount at a go. They can redeem any amount as per their need. They have the freedom to spend any time, anywhere, and any amount within the redemption marketplace.

You have rewarded them with gift in the form of evoucher, and that evoucher gives them a facility of redeem it anytime they want.

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It adds to their joy. You have provided them more easiness. You are gaining their loyalty.


How Giftpesa Works for Corporates

The very first thing you, as a business owner and corporate, need to do is to create an account on this website. Once you have created an account, login to this account.

Now top up your wallet by buying a voucher. You have many options to top up your wallet. But topping up your wallet is prerequisite for disbursing gifts to your staff members and employees. After topping up the wallet, it is the time to upload the list of recipients. The list should be in CSV format. The list must contain necessary information such as name, phone number, and amount.

After uploading the list, it is the time to disburse evouchers to recipients. All recipients receive a confirmation message. The information about redemption of evouchers is also included in that message. This is the best way to reward your staff members and employees that work under you. This is the best way to reward all of them at a go. Sharing gifts in the form of evouchers through Giftpesa is the securest way. Go and disburse evouchers to your staff members, and make them happy to grow your business with their motivated positive attitude and enthusiastic spirit.

Pamela Muriuki-C.E.O|GIFTPESA|[email protected]

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