6 ways Giftpesa has changed the gifting process.

Giftpesa is gift management platform that allows people and business to share gift vouchers. By simply using you phone; you can buy, send or redeem your giftpesa evouchers. On the other hand, for businesses, they can directly buy bulk evouchers from giftpesa platform and disburse them to multiple recipients at a go. Consumers receive their evouchers via an sms with instructions on how to redeem. Let’s check out how Giftpesa has simplified the gifting process to be fast, efficient and transparent:

1.   Voucher on your phone

Giftpesa has made the process of buying a gift voucher to be so simple. You don’t have to walk to supermarkets to gift someone you cherish a gift voucher. Rather, with just a phone (whether smart or feature phone) you just dial * 483*18* and within no time you receive your evoucher. The menu on the USSD is very flexible such that other than buying, you can send someone the gift or simply you can visit your preferred shopping center and redeem.

2.   No expiry

With Giftpesa, your evoucher is safe. Nothing like expiry after 3 months. You spend your evoucher when you need it. No risk that evoucher will get lost or become void due to fraud issues. Your evoucher is intact as long as you have it.

3.    Partial Redemption

Imagine a possibility, where you can redeem your evoucher multiple times without restrictions. This gives you the freedom to spend and a choice to work within your budget. Giftpesa has made it possible to only redeem what you want to shop at that moment. Besides that, your evoucher balance is updated real-time and you can be able to see how much you’ve spent and the balance at the same time. This is a huge convenience to the consumers.

4.   Multiple redemption market place

Giftpesa evoucher are universally accepted across all leading supermarkets in Kenya. A single giftpesa evoucher is redeemable in Tuskys, Naivas, Eastmatt, Cleanshelf, Quickmart, Carrefour etc. This is a huge step toward universal evoucher with open loop system.

5.   Bulk disbursement

Businesses have gained significantly with invention of giftpesa. A human resource manager or a marketing manager, sitting in his/her office can disburse bulk evouchers to multiple recipients spread across a wide region. Upon disbursement, Giftpesa generates a summarized file which shows a success report on vouchers disbursed. This report can always be filled for future reference.

6.   Traceability

Lastly, Giftpesa has taken new heights in regard to integrity. In order to ensure a complete audit trail, businesses are able to track the evoucher usage right from disbursement to redemption. In addition, businesses can customize the evoucher messages to reflect as they may wish.


  1. My voucher has no expiry,so need to worry of expiry and I easily share with my friends with just a click on a button from phone.

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