Unleashing the Power of Giftpesa Digital Vouchers

Giftpesa digital vouchers replacing paper vouchers

Get ready to witness the revolutionary power of Giftpesa digital vouchers! Say goodbye to ordinary, generic gifts, and step into a world of exciting possibilities. Giftpesa takes the lead in the competitive gifting industry, standing tall with its user-friendly platform and an extraordinary range of redemption choices. Let’s enter a world of discovery through the exceptional features that make Giftpesa the ultimate destination for digital gifting.

Where Freedom Meets Choice

Giftpesa digital vouchers embody the essence of freedom and personalization! With an extensive partnership with over 500 Kenyan marketplaces, Giftpesa guarantees that your loved ones can indulge in their deepest desires. The options are boundless, ranging from trendy fashion to cutting-edge electronics, luxurious home décor, and thrilling experiences. Offer them the gift of choice and let them celebrate their individuality in style!

Partial redemption:

Prepare to break free from the shackles of traditional gift vouchers! Giftpesa digital vouchers unlock a world of flexibility and boundless joy. Bid farewell to the era of redeeming the entire voucher in one go. Now, recipients can taste the excitement of multiple shopping sprees or save some credit for future adventures. It’s like having a magical treasure chest that keeps on giving!

Shareable Vouchers:

Share the love and spread the excitement with Giftpesa’s incredible shareable vouchers! No more waiting for snail mail or fretting over missed delivery dates. Effortlessly send these digital vouchers to your loved ones in an instant, with just a few clicks. Picture their faces lighting up with delight as they receive your thoughtful gift, right in their phone. It’s the modern-day equivalent of wrapping happiness in a virtual bow!

Unmatched Convenience at Your Fingertips:

And at Giftpesa, convenience is the top priority. That’s why We’ve made redeeming your digital voucher a breeze. Whether you’re cozy at home, tackling work challenges, or exploring new horizons, Giftpesa has your back. Use the USSD code (*483*18#) or the user-friendly Mpesa mini-app to unlock a world of seamless redemption. It’s like having a personal shopping genie at your fingertips!

Track Redemption History:

You know, Transparency is the secret ingredient that makes Giftpesa shine. We empower users with the ability to track their digital voucher redemption history. Stay in the know and follow your gift’s journey from sender to receiver. With every update, you’ll experience the joy of anticipation, knowing that your heartfelt present is reaching its destination. It’s like watching a blockbuster movie with a happy ending!

Real-time Balance Checking:

Stay on top of your gifting game with Giftpesa’s real-time balance-checking feature. Once you’ve redeemed your voucher, Giftpesa keeps you in the loop by providing instant notifications of successful transactions. Know exactly how much credit you’ve used and how much remains in your virtual wallet. It’s like having a personal financial advisor, dedicated to ensuring you get the most out of your gifting experience! All you have to do is dial *483*18#.

No Expiry Dates

Unlike those pesky traditional gift vouchers with annoying expiry dates, Giftpesa digital vouchers defy the boundaries of time. We believe in letting recipients enjoy the thrill of shopping at their own pace, without much pressure or rush. Whether they find the perfect item today, tomorrow, or even months from now, Giftpesa ensures their voucher will be there, ready to make dreams come true.


Brace yourself for an extraordinary gifting experience with Giftpesa digital vouchers. For birthdays, anniversaries, or simply expressing gratitude, Giftpesa has the power to make every occasion unforgettable. With its unbeatable features, seamless redemption process, and a world of endless possibilities, Giftpesa invites you to unleash the true magic of digital gifting. Embrace the power, embrace the joy, and let your gifts speak volumes. Click here to get started.