How to celebrate the customer service week

As the world begins to open back up, there’s no doubt that, the way we buy, the things we buy, and the mindset in which we buy them have all been altered forever

For companies this is best practiced during customer service week; Customer service week is an international celebration of the importance of customer service and the people who serve and support customers on a daily basis.

With customer service week ahead, It’s likely that most companies will face a big challenge in appreciating their clients as the norm due to the impact of the corona virus.

Customer service week is an international celebration of the importance of customer service and the people who serve and support customers on a daily basis.

But how about we change the story for the 2020 customer service week gifting style. Think gifting electronically without having to risk the spread of the virus.

Giftpesa is gift management platform that allows business disburse digital gift vouchers to multiple recipients at a go. Employees receive their digital gifts via an sms with instructions on how to redeem. Let’s check out how Giftpesa can enrich your organizations’ customer service week cerebration.

1.   Bulk disbursement

Giftpesa has automated the entire process of buying and disbursement of gift vouchers online. A human resource manager or a marketing manager, sitting in his/her office can disburse bulk electronic gift vouchers to multiple recipients spread across a wide region. Upon disbursement, Giftpesa generates a summarized file which shows a success report on vouchers disbursed. This report can always be filled for future reference Nothing creates confidence, than an assurance that recipients have received their tokens and they can now spend at their pleasure.

2.   Track Redemption

Giftpesa business portal gives visibility to track how your recipients are redeeming gift vouchers online across multiple retail centers. As a business, you are able to decide where your staff/customers should redeem based on redemption report. Tracking redemption brings financial prudency by ensuring money spend by the business to reward is actually utilized as expected. In addition, the business can customize messages to staff pushing them to redeem in the event redemption rate is slow.

3.    Partial Redemption

The biggest incentive for businesses to use giftpesa platform to run incentive program is the benefits that trickle down to the staff/ customers. The benefit of partial redemption is worth a million to the end users. Imagine a possibility, where you can redeem your e-gift multiple times without restrictions. This gives you the freedom to spend and a choice to work within your budget.To show a staff using a digital voucher while shopping Giftpesa has made it possible to only redeem what you want to shop at that moment . Besides that, your e-gift balance is updated real-time and you can be able to see how much you’ve spent and the balance at the same time. This is a huge convenience to the consumers.

4.   Multiple redemption market place

Giftpesa digital gifts are universally accepted across all leading supermarkets in Kenya. A single giftpesa e-gift is redeemable across Tuskys ,Naivas , Eastmatt , Clean shelf, Quickmart , Carrefour etc. This is a huge step toward universal e-rewards with open loop system.

5.   Refund

Lastly, businesses have gained significantly with invention of giftpesa. In order to ensure businesses do not incur unnecessary losses, all online e-gift not utilized after 12 months are credited back to business giftpesa wallet. This gives the business an opportunity to further re-allocate the online evouchers to new clients/ consumers without incurring another cost.





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