Various spa essentials ready for spa treatment


How many times in a year do you get to go for a spa treatment? 

Giftpesa has become handy with universal vouchers that are redeemable in over 150 redemption places. The end users have more options thanks to the onboarded merchants by Giftpesa such as spas which gives the best spa services. 

We are living in an era where everyone works so hard to pay bills and also improve on their lifestyle. But once in a while, we need to take a break from that to just relax and become completely involved in unwinding ourselves. 

Giftpesa has partnered with the top beauty and personal care merchants to see you experiencing the best spa treatment using your evoucher.  

It’s time to give the gift of experience to your loved ones. Aspa treatment experience gift is the perfect gift. A perfect gift where the recipient can choose to experience several spa services from Sauna, Moroccan hammam baths, Deep cleanse facial, Swedish body scrub, hot stone massage, and much more. 

Many people have taken their spa game up a notch, thanks to Giftpesa evouchers.

Experience the most unique spa treatment from our top selected merchants such as Imora by combars, Urban hair salon and spa , and many more. With Giftpesa evoucher, you can redeem and enjoy spa services you would like. Giftpesa has everyone covered. 

Planning to visit a spa soon? Here are some of the spa services you should try.


Are looking for something that will make you feel relaxed and unwind, Then sauna is the ideal spa service for you. Scientifically, when a person sits in a sauna it is said that their heart rate increases and blood vessels widen. Huh! That’s interesting, right?  Now imagine you have a Sauna regularly?  Yes, my thoughts too. 

It will be interesting to give someone an evoucher from Giftpesa for a spa treatment as a gift. Let’s say, you just gave them a doctor’s appointment or checkup!  You are a lifesaver, right? 

Apart from that, Sauna helps improve skin flexibility. It also reduces muscle tensions and sometimes weight loss.

2. Moroccan hammam baths

This is not just any other bath, the bathing technique softens the skin at the same time relaxing tired muscles. It’s time to treat yourself to that spa treatment. Or give someone a Giftpesa Evoucher as a gift for them to enjoy this luxurious bathing that improves their skin.

3. Deep Cleanse facial 

It’s time to glow up. Share new experiences with your loved ones by stepping out for some spa treatment. From facial scrub to facial steam and facial mask. Cleansing your pores and hydrating your skin will give you a new look. Don’t stay indoors when you get a Giftpesa e-voucher to spoil yourself. It’s time for you to also give yourself a gift. 

4. Swedish Body scrub

Enhance your skin with some Swedish body scrub spa services. Had a bad week, visit any of our listed beauty and personal care redemption points to redeem your e-voucher to replenish your body and mind with some spa treatment. 

5. Hot stone massage

It can be hectic sitting in the office the whole day or even standing depending on your kind of job. Experiencing pain or stress?  Run for that spa treatment. Don’t worry, you can redeem your e-voucher to enjoy spa services.


The stone massage involves either heated or cooled stones being placed on your body. This technique is used to relieve pain. The process is also used for relaxation and therapy.


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