5 Deadly sins of corporate gifting you should avoid

staff contacting corporate gifting process

Corporate gifting is always a fashionable approach to increasing brand awareness and skyrocketing sales. With so much rivalry, businesses have reverted to tactics that will aid in the retention of employees and drive revenue growth. Employee contentment and happiness are critical to distinguishing yourself from your competitors. Consider this: if you have loyal people in your company, you won’t have to worry about anything. This is because devoted clients who desire more of your brand will be created by your workforce.

As simple as corporate gifting, the management can create a great place for workforce wellbeing. This is because Corporate gifting is a great morale and productivity booster. However, corporate gifts can occasionally reflect adversely on your organization. They can be a huge hit or a huge flop. The deadly sins of corporate gifts will be discussed in this article. 

1. Not knowing your recipient 

A gift is always a representation of our feelings for the recipient or what we want them to have. Corporate gifting can be a pain, especially when sending gifts to a large group of people. Imagine, planning to buy gifts for your team and you are not sure whether they will like the gift. Have to brainstorm about the perfect gift for your employees keeping in mind the budget? Isn’t it frantic? Don’t worry; Giftpesa has you covered.

With our all-in-one digital gifting platform, corporates can now disburse bulk gift vouchers to multiple recipients instantly. Giving recipients a Me Know You gift. Giftpesa E-voucher provides freedom of choice in gifting. 

2. Failure to develop a corporate gifting strategy

What are the benefits of sending corporate gifts? Always offer reciprocity when giving gifts. Isn’t it true that as a business, you have to account for every penny? This is also true when it comes to corporate gifting. Consider why you’re giving your employees, clients, and partners corporate gifts. What do you want in return? Are you looking to increase engagement, retention, or advocates? If that’s the case, make sure you’re sending corporate gifts with the proper goal in mind. Get the most bang for your buck when it comes to corporate gifts.

3. Investing in only the client

Corporate gifting is commonly used by businesses to boost the likelihood of client renewals. But have we, on the other hand, attempted to focus on those who serve the clients? Employees connect with clients daily but are undervalued? Your workers are the first to view customers. As a result, the staff is how you gain clients. Your employees are your company’s most valuable asset. They are the ones who make the magic happen.

So, what should a business do to gain clients? Simple, show your appreciation for your staff by sending them corporate gifts. This would encourage them to put in extra effort in providing excellent customer service and gaining new customers. Put your employees first, and you’ll be successful in the long run.

4. Generic gifting 

It’s usually a good idea to treat each receiver as an individual. When you’re in sync with the interests of your recipients, corporate gifting takes on a whole new meaning. Let’s look at an example: you’re delivering your staff branded T-shirts and cups with no recipient profile. What were the outcomes? Horrible.

 For you, someone wearing a large t-shirt and being gifted a small t-shirt, it’ll be a crop top. Or, more likely, a tumbo cut. Let alone the oversized t-shirt that was provided to a petite employee. Very inconvenient. No one will want to put it on. Therefore, don’t limit yourself to generic gifts.

There will be a waste of resources due to bad corporate gifting calculations. Contact Giftpesa for waste-free corporate gifting. Customized corporate gifts allow you to be creative and personal. If you’re looking for a way to give multiple gifts, this is the place to

5. A lack of consistency in gifting

Every day is a gifting day. Companies should take advantage of the holidays to send employees corporate gifts. Sending unexpected corporate gifts to surprise and excite your team should become the norm. Send your staff gifts to brighten them up on a dull office day.

In most cases, People become burned out at work and the best thing that can happen during this time is for the supervisor to send them a personalized gift message. Imagine scrolling through your emails in the hopes of getting a potential customer to confirm a meeting, only to be turned down. Your morale could plummet from 100 percent to 0 percent as a result of this. You need something to spice you up. That’s where corporate gifting comes in handy. 

To surprise and please your staff, create holidays such as employee of the week, the best female employee of the month, and so on. Celebrate wins in your company. Corporate gifting regularly reduces employee absenteeism.