Coworkers happy after receiving retirement gifts

Giftpesa is an electronic voucher platform that allows people and cooperates in gifting processes. Automation is embraced in Giftpesa in such a way that one can send, buy and redeem the evoucher without any paperwork. For businesses, disbursement of vouchers to multiple recipients has been made easier and open as Giftpesa provides the wholistic process solution. Below are the main reasons why employees should receive their gifts through Giftpesa evoucher system.


Employees are always awarded at the end of the month, quarterly or even annually after achieving a certain set target of the business. Physical Vouchers being one of the best and cheapest means of rewarding employees, is used and sent to other branches. Distribution of the vouchers is done and getting to know who received and who did not is quite a tedious task. With Giftpesa, disbursement is done instantly with each employee receiving a text message of evoucher amount, where and how to redeem and option to share it. Businesses that embrace Giftpesa will not encounter difficulties associated with transparency and accountability due to traceability.


With Giftpesa, businesses are given a platform where they can buy bulk e-vouchers and disburse to multiple recipients instantly. Recipients receive Giftpesa evoucher notification via an sms with instructions on how to redeem and share. The whole process is done online and a PDF summary is generated for future reference.


For one to get a physical voucher you are supposed to walk into a retail shop(Supermarket), queue so that you can pay for it, wait again for it to be printed and if the vouchers are to be split again you have to spend some time waiting for the whole process. This is further time consuming especially if you want to send the physical voucher to someone. With the introduction of the Giftpesa, the whole buying and redemption process has been automated. You can buy, redeem or share your e-voucher using your mobile phone. Additionally, redemption process is a simple mobile transaction.


Majority of supermarket paper gift vouchers cannot be redeemed partially.  This is a huge inconvenience to the consumers. Giftpesa brings the much-needed freedom to spend to the end consumers. Giftpesa allows you to spend as per your budget plan and you can be able to see how much you’ve spent and the balance at the same time.


Giftpesa evouchers do not expire at all! This the most interesting part as many employees would like to spend their evoucher anytime and not within a certain period of time. Any un-utilized evoucher after 12 months is credited back to business giftpesa account for further re-allocation. This ensures businesses don’t lose money on any un-utilized e-vouchers.

  • Multiple redemption market place

Giftpesa evoucher are universally accepted across all leading supermarkets in Kenya. A single giftpesa evoucher is redeemable in Tuskys, Naivas, Eastmatt, Cleanshelf, Quickmart, Carrefour etc. This is a huge step toward universal evoucher with open loop system.

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