Businesses always reward their employees after meeting a certain target. This motivates them to continue performing well and also ensures increase in productivity. Most companies have a challenge in choosing which mode of reward will suit their employees and make them satisfied and happy at the same time. Some will decide to use Gift cards, putting best staffs on the website, taking staffs out for lunch, parties or even award them with gift vouchers.

In Kenya, if you ask anyone whether they prefer cash-based rewards like prepaid credit cards and vouchers or trophy-based rewards like travel, lunch and merchandise ,generally the answer will be to take cash based order to satisfy the employees, most businesses have ventured into vouchers as the main reward mechanism.

Gift vouchers started out as paper-based tokens awarded to staffs to use them at retail shops or even for holidays. The annual growth of gift vouchers has been running at between 5% and 15% according to trade body UK Gift Card and Voucher Association (UKGCVA).

Today, besides the paper gift vouchers, there are also electronic vouchers which many businesses have shifted to as the best alternative because of its simplicity and conveniences. Giftpesa stands out as the best evoucher platform to replace the paper voucher in Kenyan market. The aspect of convenience and choice revolves around Giftpesa evoucher.

Procedure for acquiring a paper gift voucher is quite lengthy. One has to walk into a retail shop, queue to pay, wait for the vouchers to be printed, wait for them to get signed and to be split and at the same time send it to someone as a parcel. This creates a lot of inconveniences to employees as even redemption of the paper vouchers partially is also a challenge. Employers have now shifted to the most innovative evoucher solution, that is, Giftpesa.

Giftpesa evoucher has solved all the paper voucher challenges both at an individual level and from cooperate individual can be able to load his or her giftpesa wallet using a phone, send it to anyone using the same phone and redeem partially or fully as per your budget. All the three Giftpesa processes, confirmation is simply through text messages.

Businesses can now reduce the costs incurred in distribution of vouchers as Giftpesa evoucher disbursement is done instantly through text messages. This brings transparency in the business world. With the paper voucher, it is very costly to include the retail company or the buyer’s name or logo on the voucher. Giftpesa innovatively allows the employees to get a text message that has instructions of the source and where to redeem it for free.

All the major retail shops in Kenya are now using Giftpesa as a replacement for paper voucher because of its convenience in customer journey. This has also resulted to Businesses embracing Giftpesa as a reward method as that’s what pleases the employees all over and its cheap at the same time.

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