How to reward employees using digital vouchers

An incentive is an action or a valuable item that motivates an employee to do more of whatever has been asked by the employer. Promotion of a certain kind of behavior or performance is the key thing that employers use incentives for. Some of the other reasons as to why employers use incentives are as follows:

  • Encourage team-work among the staffs
  • Appreciating the employees for achieving certain set goals for the company
  • Reward the top performers
  • Employees retention
  • Increase productivity

Incentives used by employers are categorized as below:


Appreciation is a key aspect in any organization to ensure the staffs remain happy, motivated and content. Any achievement by an employee is supposed to be recognized and appreciated at the same time. Appreciation incentives include, sport activities, paid lunches, company parties and celebrations. Thankyou: A Small Word …With A Lot of Impact!


Reward is anything given to employees for achieving a set goal, in recognition of their services or efforts. This includes items such as gift certificates, service award presents and even monetary rewards. For a business to design a reward incentive, the key things to be considered are as follows:

  • Determination of the appropriate reward
  • Determination of the key measurements of behavior and performance
  • Identification of the company goals that the reward program will support



Recognition is just the acknowledgment of the business employees for their exemplary performance. Employee recognition done in a more personal way boosts their morale, makes employees happy and improves employee retention.


Every goal of an employer is to hire the most qualified staffs and keep them loyal and productive. Companies provide an extra package in form of money or benefits such as health insurance and paid vacation to attract and keep their best employees. Compensation incentives can also be in form of profit sharing and also bonuses.

Based on the four categories above, incentives can be tricky for many employers. Choosing the best incentives that has all the qualities above is what will make the employees happy and motivated. Among all the incentives that an employer may choose, the stand-out one is Giftpesa incentive. Giftpesa evoucher award has the below successful attributes that every employee need:

  • Giftpesa evoucher incentive encourages team work and cooperation as the program allows equality and transparency in distribution of the evoucher amount. Each and every staff gets a message and process to use for redemption purposes.
  • Giftpesa evoucher redemption procedure is clearly spelled out in the text message hence making criteria to be very easy.
  • Since the Organization takes full control of the Giftpesa wallet of its company, it becomes easier for equal distribution of the evoucher disbursement across the year as per the awarding plan of the Business.

Today, almost every organization strives to award its employees to motivate them. To be different and unique in the market, aspect of convenience, fast and flexibility have to be accompanied when selecting the best incentive. This is the reason as to why all Private and Public organizations have embraced Giftpesa evoucher incentive to be the main incentive for employees across the year.

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