How Giftpesa digital gifting platform is boosting businesses’ sales numbers

show giftpesa digital gifting platform has boosted sales

Thanks to Giftpesa, which has streamlined the gifting process, more and more Kenyans can send gifts to their loved ones through digital gifting platforms.

Sending gifts to family, friends, coworkers, clients, and business partners used to be a laborious affair.

You would start by working tirelessly to come up with the ideal gift to send. Finding a vendor that provides the gifts in bulk, Making sure your recipients will adore the items you provided them while keeping an eye on your budget

That quickly changed, and now giving gifts is more than just a way to show someone you appreciate them; it’s also a way for businesses to sell themselves.

This evolution has been made possible by the Giftpesa digital gifting platform, which is used to distribute bulk corporate gifts.

Sending gifts today can be done more easily while sitting comfortably. There’s no need to go to the physical store to purchase gift vouchers or hampers for your recipients. On your mobile phone, you can now give a gift at the push of a button.

Businesses and companies send presents as a strategy to position their brands and close the employee satisfaction gap. Additionally, it is a good strategy for companies to forge enduring bonds with customers, partners, and staff. 

Here are some examples of how businesses have increased their sales as a result of using the Giftpesa digital gifting platform.

  • Customized gift voucher

One easy method to differentiate your business is by giving your customers gifts. Giving clients personalized, thoughtful gifts will help them feel valued and appreciated. Giftpesa digital gifting platform has made it easy for companies to customize gift messages to their customers, staff, and stakeholders which has added a personal touch to corporate gifting. This has also increased brand recognition. 

  • Keep track of your gifting program 

It is easy to forget to pause and honor the workers behind a company’s success in today’s environment where everything moves at 100 miles per hour. However, with the aid of the Giftpesa digital gifting platform, management can plan the gifts and ensure that they are delivered to employees on time. Giftpesa gives you the power to control the gift-giving process, allowing you to set the time and day on which you want the gift to be delivered to the receiver. Employees work to the best of their abilities when their efforts are valued. 

  • Bulk Gift voucher disbursement

Giftpesa digital gifting platform has automated the entire gifting process for both the corporate and individuals. The management can now distribute mass vouchers to multiple recipients while seated in an office. Giftpesa creates a summary file after each distribution that includes a success report on the vouchers used. 

  • Track Redemption

The Giftpesa digital gifting platform allows you to see how your recipients are using gift vouchers across various redemption points. Based on the redemption report, your company can choose where your employees and consumers should redeem. Tracking redemption helps to make sure the balance act is followed by confirming that the money utilized by the company to reward its recipients is indeed used as anticipated. If the redemption rate is low, the company can create messaging specifically for its workers to encourage redemption.

  • Refund for unutilized voucher

Giftpesa digital gifting has greatly benefited businesses. All vouchers that are not used after 12 months are credited back to the Giftpesa wallet to prevent avoidable losses for companies. This allows the business to transfer unused gift vouchers to their future gifting budget.