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Owning a business is a blessing. This prevailing pandemic has hit everything so hard that it is wonderful if your business is surviving. Of course, we are not living in the normal circumstances; these are the adverse circumstances. The only cooperating thing might be learning how to run your business successfully in this worst time using the best available sources.

If you own a company and running your company or business with the help of some staff members and employees, then it is sure that you want to reward them with digital gift vouchers this Christmas. Owing to this pandemic, it the best mode to reward your staff members with digital gift vouchers so that all the SOPs are followed successfully.

If you plan to reward your staff, you need not worry to look for a reliable medium. This article will completely guide you on sending  digital gift vouchers in Kenya to your employees through the best gifting online platform – GiftPesa.

What is GiftPesa?

GiftPesa is a digital gifting platform that provides freedom of choice to people and corporates in gifting. GiftPesa supports business to disburse bulk digital vouchers to multiple recipients at a go.  Giftpesa digital vouchers are redeemable at Carrefour, Naivas, Tuskys, Quickmart, Eastmatt, Woolworths, lC Waikiki, Text book center etc.

Why to Send Gifts through GiftPesa?

            In this pandemic, it is the safest way to reward your employees through digital gift voucher.  GiftPesa is the most reliable gift management platform.

Here are some reasons to choose GiftPesa:

  1. It is the most reliable online gift sending platform.
  2. You can disburse bulk evouchers to multiple recipients at a single GO. A single click is what you need to press.
  3. It provides you with a dashboard to track voucher redemption.
  4. GiftPesa generates disbursement report with the name of beneficiaries, amount received, and the delivery status of the digital voucher.
  5. You can verify if all the employees have received the digital evoucher gifts.
  6. You can track redemption history real-time.
  7. There is no expiry of evouchers.
  8. You can get refund of unutilized evouchers.
  9. You have 100% control of where your clients redeem. You have all the power.
  10. GiftPesa allows the recipients to redeem partially  without putting any restriction.
  11. GiftPesa evouchers are redeemable across all Carrefour, Naivas, Quickmatt, Eastmatt, Tuskys, Artcaffe, Gamestores, LC Waikiki, Woolworths etc

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How to Proceed:

Now that you have made your mind to reward your employees with online gift vouchers, it is time to create an account on GiftPesa. To create your account, click here.

After creating your account, log in. Now, top up your wallet by using a voucher. You can use Mpesa, Eft, Rtgs, Cheque to top up. At the third step, you need to upload recipients list in a CSV format. In this list, name, amount, phone number of recipients are included. Now is the time to disburse the voucher. Your employees will receive the vouchers via SMS with instructions on how and where to redeem. Your employees can redeem these vouchers either wholly or partially. It is that simple.How to use giftpesa digital voucher


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