Mother's Day
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Are you having trouble finding perfect gifts for your mother on Mother’s Day?

When you hear “Mother’s Day,” what comes to mind? Mother’s Day may seem like any other day to many people, but for others, it is a special day to honor their mothers. Maybe let’s talk about how it came to pass and why. Mother’s Day was established to celebrate our mothers’ selfless sacrifices for their children. Anna Jarvis, who later lobbied for the day to be declared a holiday, was the one who came up with the idea of Mothers Day.

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The day is all about presenting mothers with perfect gifts as a way of appreciating them. With Mother’s Day approaching, I’m sure you’ll need to start thinking about the perfect gifts to get all the mothers in your life. So if you want to buy a gift for your mother or a motherly figure in your life, Giftpesa got you covered. 

Looking for perfect gifts for Mother’s Day can be tedious, especially if you are looking for a gift directly related to motherhood. Here are some of the perfect mothers day gifts to give.

1. Gift of Experience

Make your mother’s day extra special by taking a day off from housework. What could a mother desire more than some time to herself? Book a beautiful experience for your mother with Bonfire Adventures, and don’t forget to bring her Denri bag. All of this is available to her thanks to a universal Giftpesa voucher.

2. Customized Gift voucher

While you may not be able to take your mother out this Mother’s Day, you can still show her how much you care and love her by lavishing her with gifts. Send her a universal evoucher that she can shop anywhere and anything. It’s difficult for mothers to express their desires, especially when their children ask. The majority of mothers will advise you not to buy them any gifts at all. In such instances, sending them a customized gift voucher and handing them the freedom to choose their goods is a fantastic idea. 

3. Spa treatment

This is the perfect time to spend time with your mother. Give your mother a day at the spa. Many women desire to get rid of acne and wrinkles, improve their skin tone, and spend more time with their children. So what are you waiting for? Gift your Mother a Giftpesa evoucher and let her enjoy spa services at any of our redemption points like Imora and many others. 

4. Tell her “I LOVE YOU”

You may now create a message to tell your mother how much she means to you using Giftpesa digital gifting platform. Remind your mother of your love and care for her. The majority of people call their mothers on Mother’s Day to express their affection for them. With our personalized gift vouchers, you can do it with style.

5. Spoil her with a brunch 

It’s her day off from household chores. Take advantage of the opportunity to show your cooking skills on this special day. Mothers should occasionally take a step back and allow their children to take the wheel in the kitchen. 

If cooking isn’t your thing, gift her an e-voucher she can use at her favorite restaurant.

Happy sales agents after receiving corporate gifts. Benefits of gift giving
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 Corporate gifts have been used by companies for many years as a charm and getting to open a gateway to achieving the brands’ goals. In recent years we have seen the digitization of corporate gifting changing the gift-giving game to a notch higher. With the help of Giftpesa, a company can disburse bulk gift vouchers to multiple recipients instantly, just from the comfort of their seats. Imagine being worry-free and giving your employees, clients, and partners perfect corporate gifts that they will fall in love with. 

In regards to companies’ success, gift-giving should be part of your company culture. It is important to put some effort into corporate gifts because when done right, it will take your company to the next level. We have had companies dismiss corporate gifts and regard them as a waste of resources. This is likely to be caused by a lack of profiling of the recipient. For corporate gifts to hit the right spot, one needs to keep the recipient in mind. Pay attention to details that will give you a hint on what the recipients will like or dislike. A bigger problem arises with the gift sent, which makes the recipient uncomfortable. Therefore, when giving gifts, it’s important to send the right gifts that speak to your recipients. This is to avoid giving corporate gifts that will reflect poorly on your company. 

Most of the time we send gifts as a way of showing love and devotion, establishing our connection with others, and the major thing with a business is we give gifts to build and reinforce relationships. The gifts that we send to our employees, clients, and customers are always a reflection of the unique relationship we have with both of them.

Don’t believe corporate gifts work? Here are some of the 3 major benefits of corporate gifts for a company.

1. Brand Awareness.

Sending Personalized Gifts to your clients will make your brand stand out among the crowd. Giving gifts that are a little personal will have the recipient feel more valued and they tend to cherish that gift forever. When you send perfect gifts to your employees, there’s a chance they will want to share them with friends and family and this will elevate your social standing. Corporate gifts are another way of giving a perfect reason to connect with your staff.

2. Improving productivity.

Customized gifts always elicit stronger emotional responses. Making employees feel valued and their effort is appreciated, will push them to work harder. Appreciating your employees with corporate gifts is a great morale booster. Data is great but trying to recognize those pushing the numbers up is very important for your business.

3. Brand Retention

Go beyond words with corporate gifts and make your brand more human. Show your customers you care about them and you are grateful they chose your company. It’s important to tell your customers, clients, and employees how much they matter to you as a business. Make them feel they are part of the company’s success. And this is only achieved by gift-giving. Worry not, because Giftpesa got you covered with our one-fits-all E-voucher solution.











Happy Easter holiday
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So Easter is here! We have a four-day break away from work. Damn! This is the longest holiday ever. Think about it, Easter is the season of sharing love and spreading joy, right? Easter means a new beginning. As a company looking to round up your sales numbers, this is the time to invest in corporate gifts this Easter holiday for your employees. Giving Easter gifts to your employees is one step to making your company successful.

In today’s world where competition is everywhere, it’s important to invest in your workforce’s well-being. Recognized employees will work to the best of their ability because they feel they are part of the success. For a company to be successful, you need people who know your company goals very well. That’s why Giftpesa is here to help you invest in the long-term success of your business. 

Being a special holiday for Christians, a lot of companies have seen it as a way to engage with their employees. Easter gifts! If you are planning to gift your employees this Easter but you haven’t decided what gift to give, Giftpesa is here to help you make it memorable for your team. Make their Easter holiday a blast with some corporate gifts. 

Sending Easter gifts to your employees will have a huge impact on how people will influence the company’s return on investment. Employees are a top competitive advantage. For the perfect Easter gifts, Giftpesa e-vouchers will be the ideal gift. They are quite easy to distribute and manage which makes them perfect for corporate gifting. 

Giftpesa E-voucher also gives you a wider range of gifts to choose from within your budget. The best part about Giftpesa vouchers, is recipients have options to pick from. Get your employees Easter gifts that are hassle-free since your company doesn’t have to worry about branding gifts and delivering them physically. 

 Therefore, this coming Easter holiday, appreciate your employees with a gift of experience. Give them the luxury to spend the Easter holiday by the beach and get to experience the breathtaking view or enjoy the Easter on the Mountainside. Or perhaps Easter on safaris and get to see the big 5. Giftpesa has made it even simple for you to make memories this Easter by partnering with Travel agencies such as Bonfire and Kristar safaris.

Instead of jumping on the bandwagon of buying gift hampers, take advantage of our marketplace partners like bonfire adventure and experience the breathtaking and endless beauty of our country, Kenya. Gift your clients, partners, and your most precious asset; your employees with  Easter gifts that will make your brand be remembered forever. Reach out to Giftpesa for bulk gift voucher disbursement and be assured that your goal to reinforce business relationships does not go wrong. 

Giving Easter gifts to your employees this holiday may be key to enriching your company’s culture. Claim your corporate gifts for your team this Easter at now!


Disbursemnt of corporate gift vouchers
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The business world has changed in recent years. We all have experienced the rapid change that has been brought by digitization. Today, companies are working on cost-effective marketing strategies to remain relevant in the marketplace. Corporate gifting has been embraced as a new marketing strategy in many organizations and we can admit the magic behind it. 

Brands have invested in strengthening relationships between their employees, clients, and customers with the competition and competitors. How are they doing this? Well, with the help of Giftpesa, companies have been able to process perfect corporate gifts for their employees to reward them for their good work. 

Giftpesa has come in handy for companies planning for all kinds of corporate gifting events. From Freebies, business events, birthdays, and weddings, Giftpesa has you covered. Have an event coming up but you are not sure what kind of gifts to give? Feel free to contact Giftpesa for all your corporate gifting needs.

Giftpesa is an all-in-one corporate digital gifting management platform for your company. We provide perfection as well as unique customized corporate gifts for your team. If you are a brand looking to skyrocket your sales, then you have come to the right place. Offer your employees a Me know You corporate gifts that will fuel them to work extra hard. 

Having employees’ values recognized and rewarded, is a step toward your company’s excellence. 

So you are probably asking why you should consider Giftpesa for corporate gifting, right? Let’s take a look at why you should love corporate gifting with Giftpesa. 

1. Bulk disbursement.

Being a digital gifting platform, Giftpesa disburses corporate gifts in real-time. Traditionally one was to visit the recipient to deliver the gift? Giftpesa has made the gifting process digitized. Today, you get to disburse bulk gift vouchers to your recipients at a click of a button. Giftpesa helps you to save time and simplify your gifting process by sending an e-voucher in bulk just at the comfort of your seat.  

2. Ability to recall un-utilized vouchers

Looking for the perfect corporate gifts for your team can be hectic and costly especially if you are gifting a large number of recipients. From brainstorming the perfect gift to looking for the best supplier and the delivery time frame. Thanks to Gifpesa, corporate gifting in Kenya has been made even easier. With a reasonable budget, you can send your team corporate gifts that will be spoiled for choice. The company can now make error-free corporate gifting budget plans. Any un-utilized gift voucher is recalled to the Giftpesa business account and the company can reallocate.

3. 200+ Redemption Marketplace.

Everybody loves choice. We all love when we are included in something that concerns us. Gifting is no different. It is good to offer your recipients gifts from a wide range so that they can choose the gift that speaks to them. With our array of gifts squeezed into one voucher, it helps the management to add some swagger to their employees and triggers performance. The luxury of choosing their gifts makes the company stand out. Giftpesa allows recipients to redeem their evoucher from 200+ merchants across the country. Giftpesa E-voucher allows partial redemptions. One has a chance to enjoy several items by shopping from top outlets such as supermarkets; Naivas, Quickmart, Carrefour, Eastmart, and Magunas. 

Clothing stores: Lc Waikiki, Woolworths, jade collection, and Vivo active wear.

Eateries; Pizza inn, chicken inn, Galitos, Java, Artcaffe, and Burger king.

Petrol: Shell petrol station

Travel; Bonfire adventures, Kristar safaris travels

Pharmacy: Healthy U, Goodlife among others

 4. Personalized corporate gifting.

Are you struggling with brand awareness? Try corporate gifting with Giftpesa. Giftpesa allows you to brand your gift with a personalized gift message. Create a mark that your prospects will always remember and want more of your brand. Sending employees a customized gift voucher that has their name on it will trigger an emotional connection to the organization. Build partner relationships with corporate gifting.

  5. Drives company ROI 

Corporate gifting impacts positively the perception of your brand to your audience. Gift-giving helps you build business relationships that skyrockets revenue for you. Business is like opening several tabs on your computer and to achieve what you were searching for in the open tabs, one needs to go back and complete what they were doing before they close them. 

In business, corporate gifting builds relationships. For instance, you have a prospective client but unfortunately, they did not close the deal in the first quarter, it will be good to send a customized gift message to remind them about your brand and they can be swayed this time round. 

To be good at sales, one needs to maintain a long term relationship with their customers. This is why Giftpesa is perfect for corporate gifting because it helps you connect with your employees, clients, and customers which results in high ROI for the company. 


Happy sales agents after receiving corporate gifts. Benefits of gift giving
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Sales can be tough with some ups and downs. Having to deal with so many rejections from people you saw as prospects, being abused or bashed in the field. Marketing as a whole is a rollercoaster full of emotions. Thanks to customized gifts received from friends and family to spice up our day. Below are some of the techniques that will bring your A-game on sale!

1. Motivation

People sometimes get burned out at work but no one is there to talk about it due to fear of losing their jobs. Therefore surprising our friends and family at work with a customized gift message may be the best thing. Delight them after a boring business day. 

Giftpesa is generating buzz among employees and new prospects with customized gift messages. Gift-giving brings some swagger to your sales agents. Employees perform so well when they get motivated. 

2. Know your Customers

It’s important to know your target audience in the business. Understand what they want and how they feel about your brand. After analyzing your customers, it’s time now to increase their perception of your company and encourage brand awareness by sending customized gifts that stand out from the crowd. 

Giftpesa redefines how corporations connect with their end-users. When you already have a good relationship with your customers, it will be easy for you to approach them and sell your product. Gift-giving has always captured the attention of potential customers and increased customer retention for an organization.

3. Emotional state

Rough time in the office. It works as usual and you are rushing to drive massive sales. Going through your emails with the hope that at least one prospect saw your email and responded positively. It can be a hectic day at work but we know just what will spice up your mood. Send them a customized gift voucher.

Most of the time, we are always told to bury all our problems once we step into the office. But we wrongly assume that emotions can be easily forgotten. State of mind is very important in sales performance and therefore Management should be on the front line in underlying employees’ emotional states and taking action to address the problem. 

To get your company in front of new prospects and increase sales, you also need sales agents that are not disrupted in thoughts. Cheer your salesperson with gifts they want; a customized gift message from Giftpesa.

4. Creativity

Creating better business deals in a digital world has become difficult if you don’t know how to play the game. Take your sales experience to the next level with Giftpesa. 

Enough of seating in your office, swinging in that chair, and sending the same emails to hundreds of prospects. Change the game with some gift-giving techniques. Gifting is your next big marketing move. It’s time to make your customers and the new prospects feel they are part of your community. Amplify awareness by sending them customized gift messages that tell them why you are their number one choice. 

It’s time to invest in gifting and make your brand stand out.

5. Connection

The secret behind sales performance is connection. Being able to connect with people more so when prospecting for new business is leeway to closing sales. Did you know that the more connections you have with your customers, the more business you will make with them?

Sales are all about building relationships. It works like a charm. 

When brands provide a solution to their customers, it always triggers the act of action. The act can always be either purchasing the product or even becoming the brand’s ambassador. 

Another way is to introduce customer gifts. Send your customers customized gift vouchers to show them how much you appreciate them. Increase customer retention and expansion with Giftpesa evoucher.


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5 Things you should know about our digital gifting business

An eye-opener,

You might be thinking, wait, why do I need an E-voucher?  We all used to receive vouchers and not just any other gift voucher but a paper voucher.

A small piece of a document scripted on a name and amount of money.

E-vouchers have become widespread in recent years, bringing physical vouchers to a close-end.

With E-vouchers, there is always something for everyone. Whether it’s a seamless process of purchasing, sending, or redeeming a gift voucher,

Giftpesa is a go to for a company or individual.

In terms of age groups and life stages, Giftpesa Evouchers has something ideal for everyone. It appeals to individuals of different personalities; from centennials, millennials and even the oldies.

Here are things you need to know about Giftpesa.

  1. Easy distribution of vouchers. 

Traditionally, distribution of the vouchers was done manually; visit the person to hand them the gift vouchers. This was a very tedious way to give someone a voucher and there was no record of the voucher being received by the right owner of the gift voucher.

Giftpesa has automated the entire digital gifting process  making gift-giving a cost-effective the process to the consumers. With Giftpesa, it allows corporates to disburse bulk vouchers to multiple recipients instantly.

Considering e-voucher as your corporate gifting alternative, it will propel your brand awareness and grow sales.

Anyone that uses Giftpesa, they are able to escape challenges associated with transparency and accountability due to traceability.

Giftpesa provides a convenient and stress free experience for both the gift giver and the receiver.

  1. Safe and Convenient way to gift someone. 

Giftpesa evouchers can not get lost, stolen , washed ,mutilated or become void.

Have you ever received a physical voucher that went missing ,washed or probably you  mistakenly tore the voucher certificate ?

Yes, that can be stressful and painful. This is supposed to be your shopping spree rescue, right?

But now the voucher is missing and you have no voucher to go shopping.

This is why you need to embrace an e-voucher for your recipients.

  1. Universal gift voucher 

Why limit your recipients to one store when they can shop anywhere they want?

As much as gift vouchers are considered as lazy gifting, I disagree with that. Evouchers give the recipients the freedom to choose their own gift.

The receiver has full control of their gifts. Giftpesa vouchers are redeemable across over 150 redemption marketplace across the country.

We have put together all the gifting ideas that one can pick, from  a spa treatment, eateries, beauty and personal care, wellness, households , and much more.

Giftpesa evoucher is the most versatile gift voucher.

  1. No expiry period  

The most interesting thing about the Giftpesa evoucher is that it does not expire.

One is able to track their evoucher and any unutilized evoucher after 12 months, the voucher is credited back to the Giftpesa business account for reallocation.

This means that no single cent is lost.

  5.Most companies are using Giftpesa digital platform.  

Finally, you can get something good for your team without hassle. You want to give your team but you are not sure what kind of gift to give them or if they will even like it. Right? I understand that can be a little hectic, more so if you are planning to give gifts to a large number of people in your organization.

These days, there is no need to worry because Giftpesa has made it easier for companies to give gifts to their employees. Giftpesa is supporting companies to reward their retailers, partners, and end consumers with universal digital vouchers.

Through our gifting management platform, Giftpesa has triggered both internal and external competition, which has increased sales for many organizations.

It’s time for you to contact Giftpesa as your corporate gifting platform.


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Why gifting is important to your employees

You might be asking why I should motivate my employees when ‘am paying them a salary.  Let’s not get it twisted. Salary is paid for the labor while motivation is that extra push an employer gives the employee.  It’s a pat on the back. They have done a good job, they deserve a pat on the back.

Every day is employees’ appreciation day, therefore show them the same love. Recognize their efforts, not just results. With Giftpesa, businesses have found it easy to buy bulk e-vouchers and disburse them to multiple recipients as a way to motivate their employees.

Things are going well at work? Offer celebration. Majority of employees will be anxiously waiting for that Giftpesa customized gift message notification to pop up on their phones. A little motivation always fuels the zeal to perform well. As an employer, always remember that employees have value beyond performance.

Employee appreciation acts as a force that drives them towards attaining particular objectives of the organization.  In recent years, motivation has been the only way that always gets people out of their comfortable seats and makes them work hard.

Gift-giving is another way to motivate your employees. Recognizing their values and offering them gifts for the well-done job will positively affect employee performance which is an essential element for attaining a company’s goals.

Why is it important to Motivate your employees?


Employee motivation acts as a catalyst. It makes employees accountable for their actions at work. When people get to be noticed and rewarded for their good job at work, they will want to do more because they feel valued and counted on by the organization. Valued employees become ambassadors of the company because they believe they play a bigger part in the company achieving its goal. When gifting you can engrave your company name by the help of Giftpesa so as to remind your employees of the company and its goal through the customized gift messages.

  1. Become Self-driven 

Every time we give or receive a gift it always connects us by a belief that the gift-giving act will reciprocate to something even bigger. A motivated employee is always proactive. They always want to do something for the company. We say they foresee a problem in the company and quickly come up with a solution to solve the problem. They become team players and impact other employees.

  1. Innovative and Creative 

The power of corporate gifting shows appreciation. Gifts unlock employees’ brains. This may sound like a cliche but it’s not. People get activated when they are gifted as a motivation. When employees are motivated, they start to develop new ideas and skills that will help the company to generate more income. There is magic in corporate gifting, especially when the gifts speak their language just like an e-voucher from Giftpesa. In an organization where employees were rewarded due to an increase in sales that year, they will definitely come up with new ideas to double up the sales so as to be rewarded the next time. It’s all about what can we do this time to surpass this year’s target?

  1. Retention of employees 

A company needs to keep its employees working and maintain the organization’s standard. Hire and fire has a negative impact on the company, therefore one needs to work on retaining its employees. Gifting and motivating employees is very vital in the company’s quality of work and productivity. Motivated employees will always want to stick with the company and work for them even longer.

  1. Customer Satisfaction

Have you ever walked in an organization and the first thing you meet with is employees’ gloomy faces? Or in a customer care setup where you talk to a moody call center agent? That might be a sign of a toxic working environment. Employees see no need to serve clients well because their efforts are not valued. But in a case where employees are motivated, everyone will be happy to usher and serve you.

Find a way to connect with your employees and express what you feel or think about their work.

Best gift for your employees
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We all love gifts, right? Well, gift-giving has been a worldwide tradition for many years and people are embracing it. When buying a gift for a loved one, colleagues or staff do we consider what they love, their preferences, or do we just buy gifts?. Do we give gifts the right way? Or perhaps do we give the right gifts?   Most of us have received gifts that have ended up in our lost and found boxes or drawers.

Today, you have a chance to enjoy your gifts thanks to Giftpesa for its one-stop corporate gifting solution.

Giftpesa makes it extremely simple for companies in Kenya to run corporate gifting.

Through the platform, we give you an opportunity to choose and consider the perfect gift to give.

Do you know of the unwritten rules of corporate gifting? Several things to consider before presenting that gift? Well, here are 5 major factors to consider while in preparation for corporate gifting!

  1. Budget

“Can’t go over budget, if you never make a budget.”

When you have a budget it helps you gain control of your finances. In the state of corporate gifting, one needs to know how much they are planning to spend on gifts and the number of people receiving gifts. Are you going to give gifts to employees, clients, and partners? If so, how much are you going to spend on everyone?

By this, you are able to prioritize your spending and avoid debt.  Giftpesa has also helped corporates to save money through the tracking of E-voucher redemption. You might be wondering how; Any un-utilized voucher after 12 months is credited back to the business Giftpesa account for further re-allocation. This ensures businesses don’t lose money on any unutilized e-vouchers.

Moreover, As a business, you are able to decide where your staff/customers should redeem based on a redemption report. Tracking redemption brings financial prudence by ensuring money spent by the business to reward is actually utilized as expected.

2. Recipient should be in mind

 Gifts are meant to make both the recipient and the giver happy and spark an emotional connection. When we receive gifts we tend to feel more submissive to the one that has handed us the gift. There is an urge to do more for the person.  I don’t mean that a gift is a bribe or has a hidden motive but we always have some definite expectation to do better.

When gifting we need to understand the recipient and try to visualize their reaction when they receive the gift. Will they like the gift given to them? How will they behave?  Everyone wants to provide a perfect corporate gift but do we research what that means to the recipient?  Every year HR tends to buy obscure hard-to-find gifts for employees with the goal being ‘ Uniqueness is the key’ but maybe a gift voucher can definitely work.

Trying to achieve uniqueness might lead to having edgy gifts for employees, clients, or even partners.  Stick to the safe gifts like Giftpesa corporate gifting solution.  Giftpesa brings the much-needed freedom to spend to the end consumers. Giftpesa allows you to spend as per your budget plan and you can be able to see how much you’ve spent and the balance at the same time.

3. It’s not all about Uniqueness when gifting 

It’s all about tasteful gifts, right? But what if I tell you a perfect gift does not need to be expensive or obscure.  A simple gift such as a Giftpesa corporate gift voucher can make one’s eye roll and the face light up when they receive a customized gift message notification.   You do not need to spend a lot of money to provide a perfect gift.

4. Add same magic in gifting 

Make gifting a little more personal. Giftpesa gives you an opportunity to personalize a gift message to your gift voucher before you send it to the recipient. With the same personal touch, this shows the recipient that the sender (company) took their sweet time to prepare the gifts for them. It gives the recipient the feeling that the sender was thinking about them when they were preparing for the gift.  How cool is that, when you receive a gift that has your name on it from your boss? This shows that the person that sent the gift went the extra mile just for you.

In a company with a 200 plus population of employees and they all receive a customized corporate gift message, that alone can be treasured forever.  Turn normal gifts into memorable gifts with a bulk gift voucher disbursement from Giftpesa.

5. Results

Most companies have opted for corporate gifting as a marketing strategy and it has really worked for them. As much as gifting employees has increased motivation among the team and resulted in high performance, office gifting has driven sales for corporates.

Did you know that corporate gift-giving is a component that drives sales? Take a look at cases where an employee feels noticed and valued, they will want to go the extra mile. This means don’t always focus on the end results but focus on the energy behind the results. By doing so you will increase results effortlessly.

Giftpesa customized corporate gift message has also strengthened the relationship between the management and their team.

Corporate gifting makes employees feel connected to the company and have the urge to protect it. In a company that gives its employees gifts, staff always want to stay and make the company achieve its goal. They want to be part of the brand because there is job satisfaction and loyalty


Giftpesa Redemption marketplace
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The Best Way to Reward Staff and Customers: Digital Gift Vouchers

Staff and customers deserve a moment of appreciation. It’s more than the gift or the kind words, it’s about building a working relationship and acknowledging all the time staff and customers put into your business.

Whether you run an NGO or own a business, rewarding your staff and customers is a way to express your gratitude. Many businesses do this through gift vouchers. But with the digital transformation wave, digital gift vouchers are the next biggest thing.

Why Rewards are Important

When you buy gift vouchers as a reward for staff and customers, you’re doing more for your business than you think.

66% of employees would quit if they felt underappreciated at work. Besides quitting, underappreciated staff will inevitably become less motivated and productive. Rewards are incentives that show your staff that you value their efforts.

For customers, rewards provide a reason for them to choose your business over others. It enhances the customer experience ensuring your business stays alive and well.

Issues with Manual Gift Vouchers

While gift vouchers are a popular reward option for businesses, manual/physical gift vouchers are becoming outdated due to their many inconveniences.

–        Lack of choices

Manual vouchers limit the options of stores where your staff and customers can use them.

–        Inconveniences with distribution

Since you must physically distribute manual vouchers, it’s an issue when in-person contact is limited.

–        Short validation period 

When you buy gift vouchers that are manual, you nor your staff/customer can change the validation date on them. This is a huge disappointment for those who may have missed out on the chance to use it.

Digital gift vouchers resolve each of these pain points. It makes it more convenient for both you and your staff/customers when you buy gift vouchers that are digital instead.

The Perks of Digital Gift Vouchers

Thankfully with advancements in digital products, digital gift vouchers came to life. At Gift Pesa, we created our digital gift vouchers so that you can seamlessly build working relations with your employees and customers. The benefits of digital voucher include:

  • Control validation period

For digital vouchers, you can choose the validation period. You can extend for as long as you’d like for your staff/customers.

  • Freedom to spend

Using a digital voucher means your customers and staff have complete autonomy on where they spend their vouchers. From grocery stores to clothing stores, the options are endless.

  • Easy distribution

You can simply send a gift voucher over email. Besides this, your staff and customers never have to worry about losing the voucher either. Automated vouchers make it 10X easier!

  • Traceability

With each digital voucher, you can see if a voucher has been used or not. This information can help you create a report on levels of productivity among staff and customer loyalty among your clients. This is amazing information for the future of your enterprise.

Long gone are the days of struggling to show your staff and customers the appreciation and rewards they deserve. With Gift Pesa’s digital gift voucher system, you’ll end up with happy customers and staff. And in return, this means a flourishing business.

I want to change how gifting is done in Africa
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Why You Should Make the Switch to Digital Vouchers

From time to time, it’s important to show the people around us that we appreciate them with an e-voucher. Whether it’s for an employee who went above and beyond or as a token of gratitude, anyone can find value in a voucher.

With digital vouchers providing more convenience and practicality, physical vouchers are becoming something of the past. E-vouchers streamlines the process of purchasing, sending, and redeeming a gift – making the gift-giving process a whole lot easier.

What’s Wrong with Physical Vouchers?

Traditionally, a sender must physically purchase a voucher and then distribute it manually so that the recipient can redeem the gift in-store. This becomes even more tedious when you need to gift hundreds of vouchers. Here are just a few reasons to avoid physical vouchers:

  • Costly

Physical vouchers tend to be printed on small cards and papers. As such, people can lose or misplace them much easier. That’s why 16% of vouchers bought are never redeemed.

  • Time- Consuming

From needing to physically print out a voucher to distributing it to someone, this requires more energy and time.

  • Prone to Fraud

With physical vouchers, an unauthorized person can simply take and use it without permission.

The Solution: E-Vouchers with Giftpesa

With so many inconveniences using physical vouchers, that’s where Giftpesa comes with digital gift vouchers. We’ve automated the entire voucher gifting process to create an easy and stress-free experience for both senders and receivers. E-vouchers provide start to finish convenience and here’s how.


Giftpesa Redemption marketplace


You Save Money: If a recipient of the e-voucher does not claim it within 12 months, the money is automatically sent back to your account. You can also track every voucher you send.

You Save Your Time: With e-vouchers, there’s no need to visit a store or physically mail a voucher. Giftpesa allows you to purchase and send a voucher digitally to as many people as you want. Better yet, the process is simple.

Why Giftpesa e-vouchers

  1. Create an account on Giftpesa.
  2. Prefund your e-wallet with the amount you want.
  3. Upload the of recipients (Phone number, amounts).
  4. Recipient receives a text message to claim e-voucher – and you’re all set!

You Authorize the E-Voucher: When a recipient receives an e-voucher, they can only spend within selected redemption outlets. All vouchers are lockable and secured with a pin. This means that whoever you meant to send it to will only be able to redeem it for only intended purpose.

64% of paper vouchers are never redeemed completely. This is due to different and vary in taste and preferences. With Giftpesa, we have changed that. We empower the voucher recipient by enabling them to redeem partially at the time and place of their choice.

How to redeem or share giftpesa e-voucher

E-vouchers provide a sense of simplicity and security when gift giving. Better yet, these vouchers can be used for nearly everything – ( from supermarkets to petrol stations, lucky recipients of these digital vouchers can use it for any and all of their needs. So what are you waiting for? Visit today and set up an account to start gifting e-vouchers as a sign of your appreciation.