With the  wide exposure to the internet and smartphones, gifting has been changed of late.  People now understand the need to celebrate and share gifts thanks to social media.  In the past , people used to give gifts only during special occasions such as weddings, welcoming the birth of a new baby in the family, during circumcision  and death. Yes, people used to give the bereaved gifts. This was to show their condolences to the bereaved . 

The story has come to change in the recent years where  gifts have become a very frequent affair in our lives . Everyday we see people exchanging gifts on outrageous occasions . 

We all have witnessed the drastic change of gift giving these days. 

Today, it just takes a click to send a gift to someone anywhere in the world without the need to know their physical address . Thanks to Giftpesa for the evouchers. 

Social media has changed the way gifts are given .Let’s take a look at  how social media has influenced gifting.

1.Personalization of Gifts

Majority of gift givers focus on gifts that will make eyes roll for the recipients. They want to give gifts that will create drama  when the recipient opens the gift. But most of the time we forget to think about the receiver of the gift. Their reaction. Will they find value in the gift they just received? 

Well, few recipients end up loving the gift and even using it but a large number of the people that receive gifts don’t use the gift gifted to them . Some even end up regifting their gifts. 

With digitalization , Giftpesa has made it easier for you to customize gift messages to your loved ones. When gifting we help you speak to your recipients directly  through the customized gift messages. People feel obligated to receive gifts that speak their language. 

2.Variety of Options 

Today , everyone wants to be up to date with all trends .Social media has been used by many to find what’s new  from fashion, food, movies and adventures .  Having this in mind, Giftpesa made sure to have all this in consideration when creating evouchers.  Giftpesa universal evoucher is redeemable in over 150 redemption points across the country. 

With evoucher, one is able to go shopping in the supermarkets, food stores, spa treatments, salon and barber shop, adventurous trips,eateries and many more. 

Rather than having a gift voucher that can be spent in one store, Giftpesa has made it possible for you to shop in several stores, anywhere you want.

3.A me-know-you gift voucher 

With an evoucher, it’s always a hit on gift giving. You can now give your loved one gifts they will find value in. Are you still applying guesswork in gift giving? There is no need to guess gifts they may like or dislike, send them an evoucher from Giftpesa. Giftpesa is here to help you create memories with your loved one.

Gifting someone with an evoucher is the perfect gift you can give them .Buy a gift voucher for your recipient and let them claim the kind of gifts they want. The recipients understand what they want and with evoucher , they are able to claim their gifts. Giftpesa gives your recipient freedom to spend their gift as they want . 

A lot of people are now shopping with gift vouchers and purchasing their dream gifts thanks to evouchers . It’s easy to search on the internet for new arrivals or  even cheap items and buy them using your evoucher. This has enabled people to save from buying expensive obscure gifts that end up in the bins. 

4.Share New Experiences

Everyone wants to have a soft life. Seated on the hotel balcony  facing the ocean. Staring at the jewel blue ocean as the music of the waves soothes you. Oh yes,Listening to the rippling of the waves as they grooves in the sand while your nostrils are filled by the smell of the salty breeze richness. 

Yes, that’s the life that we all want and obviously ,you do the same, right? All this is possible with Giftpesa Evoucher. Get to share adventurous experiences with your loved ones as a gift. Easter holiday is around the corner, what’s your plan?  Planning for a vacation soon? Book your vacation  with Giftpesa evoucher in any of our adventure redemption points such as; Bonfire, Pine tours solutions , Kristar Safaris and many more. 


A large part of the problem is always the budget. Finances. Gifting is not a game of catch-up. 

We all want to save money despite the luxury lifestyle we display on social media. 

With the new culture where people want to share their gifts with their followers. Open gifts with them. Show them what they have been gifted. All this has affected our budget because no one wants to post  ‘basic’ gifts on social media.  We have seen people going overboard to buy expensive gifts for their loved ones from cars, houses, pieces of land and many more. 

Maybe we should take a step back and really internalize our motive of gifting. Why are you giving that car? Is it for the drama to be created when the gift is opened? Or maybe we give gifts because we can afford it?  

However Giftpesa has come to the rescue of many. Gift an evoucher! Save money by gifting your loved one with a gift voucher. The recipients get to claim the gift they want while the giver gets to be saved from the hustle of looking for a perfect gift.